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Dave Corbin - Bensalem, PA
October 3, 2005
After watching an episode of Full House, I have come to the conclusion that my life is a complete waste.

Stephanie Snyder - Lancaster, CA
October 1, 2005
My friend Ivy was throwing a rave called 'Here We Go' the night before my birthday. At first it seemed like everything was going to shit, it was 9pm and there were no DJ's or security or sound crew. But by 10pm all was good. I decided to roll (do ecstacy) for my birthday so I first dropped a blue champaign, then as a present I was given a blue diamond, and then about 4am I decided to drop a third pill called a McDonald. It was a triple stack and it hit me pretty good as I was coming down off the first two I had taken earlier in the night. I had also been consistantly smoking chronic and I also drank about one ounce of liquid Salvia. I don't remember exactly how I got to Amy's house but I arrived with Chris and George there were three others including Amy at her house. Somehow I ended up buying two paper hits for everyone there, it was an insane day, evening, and night. Me being diabetic, I hadn't eaten anything other than Blow-pops since Friday morning. I ordered a pizza but didn't eat any of it. We managed to drive to the beach and back, over an hour drive away with no sober driver. We climbed on the roof of Amy's house, and thought we saw like twelve mail trucks on Amy's street not to mention various other things that I can assure you weren't there. I wanted to go all out the next night for my 23rd birthday and I managed to but when it was all over I had learned something about myself that no one could have taught me, and that was: I was going nowhere, I had given up on myself as well as my dreams, I had lost touch of everything that had ever meant anything to me and although I hate admitting that anything good can come from a night of insane drug use, I got my life and my sanity back.

Alyssa - Manchester
September 23, 2005
Today I got a UPS package and I hadn't ordered anything. When I opened it up, I saw a box of Centrum. I was like, "What kind of joke is this?" and just thought it was a free sample. The box had a colorful Spongebob Squarepants design. So, I tore it open, thinking maybe there weren't really vitamins inside. There were. What? Then I saw an envelope with my name and address handwritten on it. When I ripped that apart, I found a poem! This was a present! What kind of gift is a bottle of multi-vitamins? And bad multi-vitamins at that!

hannah - orlando
September 16, 2005
I got a 31 cent raise this week. Which I was kinda excited about, until I realized that it's a 31 cent raise. Basically I can buy a gumball now. Woo hoo.

Janelle - Vancouver
September 14, 2005
Last week my boyfriend of six years broke up with me. I've just finished packing and tomorrow morning the movers will come to move me out of our home to one I will live in by myself. I'm scared that he won't even notice I'm gone and will be dating his co-worker by the end of the month.

Cecilia - East Hanover
September 13, 2005
I am sitting in my cubical staring at the calendar. Two more days and I leave for vacation! It's absolutely horrible that this is the only thing I can think of and it's only 8:54 AM. Screw working, let me just imagine climbing up the Mayan Ruins and being wrapped in my boyfriends arms as we look at the sunrise from the top of one of the pyramids. Damn... to think I work year round for two weeks of peace and to get away from it all.

e - nj
September 8, 2005
Last night I was the last thing a dog saw before it died. It wasn't my dog and she didn't like me. She screamed when she got the shot.

Dawn Read - Whitmore Lake
September 5, 2005
I went swimming in my favorite place for probably the last time this year. I will miss it a lot.

Matt - Gainesville
September 1, 2005
I fell in love with a beautiful German girl. Too bad she was only here for 2 weeks. I knew she was good when she commented, in broken English, "We have poor spacetiming."

J. Rains - Denton, Texas
August 27, 2005
I heard about this book, a book of cures, that is not allowed to be sold in the United States. It has cures that have been found for AIDS, cancer, diabetes. Supposedly, the U.S. won't allow it to be sold because they make too much money on people's health downfalls... no government wants these secrets to escape. WHY? If this is true, I want to see this. I want to get this book. I was diagnosed with diabetes 13 years ago, when I was five. My father passed away from diabetes, my grandfather passed away from this as well. My brother is suffering. My cousin is suffering. My God, I am living day to day via a machine, an insulin pump. Please God, let this not be true.

Alyssa - Manchester
August 24, 2005
The coyotes have been keeping me up at night. Oddly enough, their cries sound like pre-teens at a slumber party. What are those puppies up to?

Sally - Vancouver
August 22, 2005
Today is my first day on my own at my new job. I'm in so far over my head it's not even funny. How long until they catch on??

Heather - Colombus, OH
August 21, 2005
I was sitting on a lawn chair in the middle of the night, staring at the sky and thinking while I shivered at the cold night air... 'well, it would be really nice if I had someone to share this with right now,' and then realized that the response is more like a joke than an actual reality...

m - u.s.a
August 19, 2005
She's so pretentious and she doesn't even realize it. The big words don't cover up the fact that she's lonely and imperfect.

Craig Roberts - Vancouver
August 18, 2005
Yesterday someone told me about Steve Jobs inspirational speech to the graduating class at Stanford. I read it online and today resigned from my company. It's a new chapter now!

Sarah - London
August 13, 2005
I got up early this morning and peddled to Brixton to pick up a skirt my mother had posted. It was really quiet in the streets and I didn't wear my helmet for once, so feeling a bit reckless I cycled into the skate park by the Academy. The ramps looked bigger up close and all of a sudden I felt a bit too old. So I cycled along the pavement to the Portuguese bakery and bought a pastry for breakfast instead.

aliza - anchorage, ak
August 12, 2005
I decided to stop trying so hard to have a baby. After five miscarriages in two years, I'm just so tired of trying and have forgotten why I wanted to have a baby in the first place. I'm taking a break even though I'm not getting any younger. I just need a break.

Margie - Long Sault, Ontario
August 6, 2005
I am spending the summer at the cottage. Today, just like every other morning, Max, a dog from two doors down, came crying at my door, ready to come in and start the day with a snuggle. It is Max's summer camp.

Maggie - Toronto
August 3, 2005
I got a letter from my ex saying that I 'blew it' when I ended our relationship. Uhm.. he's the one that was calling me twenty times a day and hanging up when I answered. Who blew what now? I'm thinking it wasn't me, stalker boy.

me - over here
August 2, 2005
I told him that I wanted to make love for my birthday, to have that physical satisfaction. I left work early and met him in the hotel near my office. I needed that. I really did. Tonight, I'm going to buy myself some diamonds.

Diane - North East Scotland
July 28, 2005
He doesn't understand why I get so upset. It is so hard, having my body lie to me over and over again, every little niggling feeling, every cramp or pain, every slight feeling of nausea triggers off bells in my head and I think this must be our month!! "It will happen when its meant to happen", he says. He tells me "God is trying to find the most beautiful baby in the world to bless us with", I hope so. Ok, it has only been 6 months, but it feels like forever and I have never wanted something so much.

Lindsay - Boston
July 26, 2005
It's my last week of work. Must stay motivated... ah screw it. That's why I'm on this site.

someone - somewhere
July 21, 2005
I think I'm falling for a man twice my age who happens to be my karate teacher. It's totally inappropriate for me to like him, and it even happens to be upsetting my preformance in class. I go all the time, not to see him, but to improve. Yet because I do see him, I don't see myself getting any better. I just keep on falling deeper and deeper in love, which, from the simplest point of view, doesn't seem like the right thing to do. I wonder if he likes me at all.

Randy - SF
July 20, 2005
Tonight was my first night eating dinner in my new home. In front of the TV eating Healthy Choice. Just me and no one else. But my mind wasn't on the show. I thought maybe she's just late for dinner and in a few minutes she'll walk in. I want Julia to walk in.

m - w
July 16, 2005
As I was on my way to the bathroom, I passed him and he said hello. I could've stayed to chat for a few minutes like I wanted to, but instead I kept walking. I wish I could take those two seconds back when my brain decided my feet should keep moving. I'd have a happy heart right now if I had seen him smile with me.

cha - here?
July 15, 2005
J and I went to visit a man from Nepal who was wearing his pajamas and opened the door with a toothbrush in hand. It was an intimate moment, waiting on the porch for Mr. Nepal to come back decently dressed. I like him so much.

Suzy - Newtown
July 8, 2005
I had two drinks and six shots of vodka at my birthday party and I spent most of the evening throwing up and crying. A good friend put me in bed and told me some stories before I fell asleep. I can't remember them now.

Anonymous - NWT - Canada
July 7, 2005
The North West Territories are 1.3 million square kilometres in size, with a population of 40,000 people. It is virtually untouched... you can go for hundreds of kilometres without ever running into another person. Growing up, I used to hate it here... so behind in the times, so isolated... so far from the Big City. After four years of university in that Big City, I have come to appreciate the North and it's beauty, it's solitude and loneliness. But most of all, I appreciate the safety. I have travelled the world, experienced so much, seen more than most... and the more I see, the more I realize this is the place to be. The only truly safe place to be; no terrorist will bomb my subways or crash planes into my skyscrapers.

Don - Tofino, BC
July 5, 2005
Got down on one knee and proposed in the drizzly damp rain, at the un-godly hour of 6:30am... she said yes. And then a guy came and pee'd on the rocks - it was perfect!

pip - woodbridge
July 4, 2005
It's not that she can't really back up in her monster of an SUV, but when I say loudly "CURB", as she proceeds, I yell "LAWN" my mother continues to ride her vehicle over the neighbour's front lawn, both back tires, not just one, and this would have been even more hilarious had she been drinking, but no, she can do this completely sober.

Jeff Harris - San Diego
July 1, 2005
I was surfing the web, and I Googled my name and found this site. Weird.

Chelsea - New York, NY
June 29, 2005
I'm bored at work. I work in finance and I hate it. I want to get paid for being creative and funny and smart. Instead I am paid to be a robot. I am sitting at this desk (it's not mine) and wondering if anyone would catch me if I read my novel.

shannon lee - London, ontario
June 26, 2005
I wrapped up a four day social justice and peace event today. We sold off the leftover organic food as attendance was half of what was anticipated, perhaps due to it being really hot and the event being entirely outside. We had so many local strawberries left last night that I froze them and today passed bowls of them around to the crowd. I rushed from clean up to babysitting, for the sweetest little girl, I took her on a bike ride and showed her the rocking horse in my garden. When I was coming home from babysitting, my friend Aron ran up to me, I hadn't expected to see him. He had been waiting at the house and said we couldn't go back, someone had gone into the neighbours across the street and shot everyone. There were cops everywhere. We've gone to his house and now I type this. Tomorrow we leave for New York to go to a Peaceweavers conference.

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