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Myra Tillson - Oklahoma City
March 20, 2005
I feel sick.... This is the first time I've ever confronted Dan about how I felt and what a bitch I was to him then and how much I want things to be great again... all of my old feelings are rushing back and I don't know what to do. My hands are shaking while I type. Why is a first love one you'll never forget?

lisa - illinois
March 18, 2005
My mother berated me in front of my children. i didn't invite her, why did she come? She wants to know why i'm not warm and friendly anymore. My husband Mike thinks I am, he's who I married, he's who matters. I hope I'm a better mother, my boys deserve a good mother, so do I.

(Anonymous) - Edmonton
March 14, 2005
I was annoyed that my psychiatrist appointment got moved until his receptionist told me that there was a funeral. And then I realized he's a person too.

Bakr - Beirut
March 13, 2005
Today my mother passed away. she has been in the hospital for 25 days. We left her in the ICU thinking that she would be there in the morning, that she would be better and it was time to take her back home. Instead it was time to take her to her grave. No saying goodbye. No words not even a kiss goodbye.

Lisa - (unknown)
March 10, 2005
It is picture day at kindergarten for my little one. He asks if he needs a bowtie to look handsome and promises to get a star today. My older one wins "Most Valuable" at the high school athletic banquet. On the way home he tells me what song he wants to be played at his funeral. His journal mentioned suicide, I called his counsellor. I shouldn't have read it, but I'm glad I did.

Michelle - Kitchener
March 9, 2005
We are sitting in our Volkswagen outside our therapists office. Its a mild afternoon and the windows keep fogging up. I run the car for a few minutes to clear them, then shut it off again. So what are we going to do? I ask. You tell me you think youre ready for 'Plan B'. That annoys me. You wont actually say the word and Im fed up. You want a divorce, you mean. Yeah, you agree. Then say so. Say it if thats what you want. Im tired of this Plan B bullshit. But you dont say it and so we sit in the car and stare ahead at the fencing. Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be thirty-one. Last year at this time you took me out for dinner and we held hands over the table top. Six months ago we were planning a vacation to celebrate our anniversary. Im still waiting, I prod you. What exactly do you want? Youre annoyed with me; its obvious. You know what I want, you say. I laugh. Its a sharp bitter sound. I havent known what you want for months. Fine, you say. You sound like a petulant child. Maybe you are. Maybe we both are. I want a divorce.

Alyssa - Manchester
March 8, 2005
My 35 minute commute took me a grueling 2 hours due to the blizzard-like conditions, multiple accidents, and two school busses that just wouldn't move! I was a stressed out, scared, crying wreck.

stan - fort lauderdale
March 3, 2005
A day off from my old job today, less than two weeks before starting a new one. And hoping a different one I applied for still comes through so I can quit the new job before I start it. Never done that before.

Peldar - Toronto
March 1, 2005
Today I was late for school, as usual, and made a totally lame joke in front of the class. Now my teacher thinks I am "facetious". I though art school was the place to be yourself.

Julie - St.Louis
February 20, 2005
I broke off a friendship this morning. He wouldn't stop calling. I took every phone off the hook. I would give in to him if I heard it ring.

jason - ottawa
February 17, 2005
Today I renewed the lease with my roommate. We afixed our signatures, and with a sense of relief let out a sigh because we wouldn't have to search for a new place. Our friendship exists only on paper. I hate my roommate, but I do love this apartment.

Katie - Portland, OR
February 15, 2005
Today would have been much more interesting if I was fluent in Cajun. I don't need it to communicate with anyone, I just think it's beautiful.

Kristina - Austin
February 14, 2005
I enjoyed an anti-Valentine's celebration with Guinness, fish and chips, and a deep fried snickers bar.

Hessa - Bahrain
February 12, 2005
Im so unhappy, and I feel so idiot. Last month my sister died and Im so depressed that I begin to make everybody around me leave. I lost my dearest friend today, I dont want to lose anybody anymore. Where have everybody gone?? I need you so much.

Thomas - New York
February 11, 2005
I'm unemployed and looking for a job, but everywhere I go, I'm "overqualified". I'm writing a book on Philosophy instead to pass the time, and hopefully make a few dollars just to survive.

Patricia - Brooklyn
February 8, 2005
I went to log in to my college e-mail address and it wouldn't work. I called the tech dept and they said it expired because I graduated in May. At most, it would have been slightly inconvenient for me to switch e-mail addresses, but I felt without. It was like a part of my brain or a section of my memory had been blocked. I talked to the director and he reactivated my account. It was like recalling a sweet memory.

Joslin - Long Beach
February 6, 2005
It's my last day with Isaac... I finally found "the one" and he's leaving to Iraq. I won't see him for 7 months and my heart aches. The bus is driving away and I already miss him...

(anonymous) - Toronto
February 2, 2005
It turns out the reason I tried to commit suicide was mainly because I was having an adverse reaction to my anti-depressant. Beware Celexa users. Now I'm off it and feel normal for the first time in a year.

suzi - ontario
January 27, 2005
I'm getting married in a week. He said it would be "awesome babe" if I wore ruby red shoes for the wedding. This was a good solution for me since I couldn't find the perfect white pair. I wonder what his reaction will be when he sees the shoes. One month after we're married, he's leaving for Iraq again. Damn.

Alanna - San Francisco
January 26, 2005
I'm working late tonight and am enjoying some leftover chinese take-out. As I look out my window at the cars sitting at the red lights, I wonder if they are looking back at me, sad for me that I'm eating alone at work in front of a computer.

jason - Ottawa, Canada
January 25, 2005
While walking to class, a bird shit on my head.

Marko - Helsinki, Finland
January 23, 2005
Today I decided to leave my girlfriend of two years. I have to do it. She hates herself, and I am afraid that Im starting to hate her too. I must go before that happens.

stacey - Toronto
January 19, 2005
I really hate my co-worker. She's 21 years old and thinks she knows everything.

Daria - Vilnius
January 15, 2005
Yesterday I went to the cinema. The matinee was called "Led Zeppelin: The song remains the same". Despite the uncomfortable chairs and small screen, the film was great. Robert Plant - master of voice! Jimmy Page - a guitar-genius!

Cecilia - East Hanover
January 14, 2005
Tonight I met the man I am going to marry! Yes, I know sounds a bit psychotic... but who cares. He is so amazing and I can't believe after all of the hardships and ordeals I have dealt with in my past it is over. Being I am 29 years old and was ready to be single for the rest of my life, this is quite a shock for me.

Margie - Toronto
January 13, 2005
This is day 4 of "doing yoga as it's meant to be done" - every morning at 6:45am. For me that is early. Today, I went back home and had a nap.

Re - RI
January 8, 2005
Last night I had a dream that I was camping. There were two brown bears and though everyone says that they are more afraid of humans than we are of them, one of them got me.

grace - minneapolis
December 31, 2004
I turned 21 today. I hosted a party and it was fabulous. And no real resolutions to make because I'm pretty happy with me.

Chris - Tokyo
December 28, 2004
I got up, paid bills, and vowed that this year will be a better one for me. Then I totally lied to my girlfriend to see another girl.

J - Penang
December 26, 2004
Around 9am, my bed shook. The telephone and power wires outside shook. I stood up and I felt the house walls swaying. I couldn't have been dreaming. I went downstairs and the walls swayed again. To think concrete was that flexible freaked me out. I thought the house would collapse like a pack of cards anytime. After a few minutes, it stopped. I went back to bed thinking how cool it was and slept until evening. When I woke up I read the news. Thousands dead. It wasn't funny anymore.

Edward - Toronto
December 22, 2004
I went to Medieval Times last night but it was closed. When I pulled out of the parking lot I skidded on the ice and slid toward a curb. I remembered what Larry had told me to do and released the brake, letting the wheels roll freely as I hopped the curb. Didn't do any damage. If I'd kept the brakes on, I would have.

Alyssa - Manchester
December 18, 2004
In the middle of happy hour, I left him a message. Later, I was kicking myself. However, I now realize that I sent the message to a non-existent address. And there was great rejoicing!

tonya - denver
December 17, 2004
This bum just got off the bus and had on about 3 pairs of pants on. He went around the bus stop, took a piss, then he turned around and he was all hanging out and his 3 pairs of pants were still unzipped...

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