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mia - over here,ca
December 13, 2004
My son would have turned 5 today. I managed to stay distracted in the silence of my kitchen and in the cold shadows of my room. I didn't go to his grave because I can't stand the thought of him being there - burried in his white baptism suit. I didn't buy the bouquet of balloons I always do to let fly into the sky as I speak to him. Does this mean I'm over his death? Does anyone ever get over the death of a child?

Ty - Denver
December 11, 2004
I was looking for aspirin in the Fresno airport and I only had 4 dollars. Unfortunately they didn't have any small aspirin packets for sale. An eavesdropping woman offered to give me some Advil. I think she went overboard when she dumped about 15 Advil into my shaky hand. Needless to say, I took all 15 of them and I didn't wake up until I got home...

Cecilia - East Hanover
December 9, 2004
Last night Dimebag Darrell was murdered! I can't believe it! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!! Some stupid asshole jumped on stage and shot him point blank! Then shot 3 other innocent people. Dimebag was a legend... I can't believe he is gone!

Willem - Johannesburg, South Africa
December 8, 2004
This morning at 5am I got a call from the local hospital. The nurse asked me if I could come to pick up my friend from the emergency ward. Earlier that evening he saw his ex-girlfriend kissing another guy and flipped out so badly that he shoved his head through the window of her apartment (!)

Erin - Floyd Knobs
December 7, 2004
Some guy in the newspaper called my house, and asked to do a story on me, just for this recipe I put in some theatre cook book. Maybe a chain reaction will occur and I will finally be noticed...

Patricia - Brooklyn
December 6, 2004
Today I asked my sister to make me a bowl of Cream of Wheat (or Creamy Wheat Farina as the generic version is labeled). She made it for me and sang "Creamy Wheat Farina" to the tune of "Funky Cold Medina." I have the best sister ever.

julie - nyc
November 30, 2004
I just got back from going home to California for thanksgiving. I've been crying a lot. I hate New York. i think I'm going to drop out of school and go home. I just need someone to rent my room to for the second semester.

J - Kuala Lumpur
November 26, 2004
Our Queen came to the this fashion gala night I was a video cameraman for. After that me and some colleagues drank Chilean champagne, and I got to sit on the Queen's chair. At the end of the night I found out my bike helmet got stolen.

Baptiste - Paris
November 25, 2004
Yesterday night, I was supposed to have dinner with a friend of mine. But I forgot, and I went to the cinema instead. So I called her today, apologizing deeply, and we met up tonight. Her new boyfriend was with her. He turned out to be stupid, and I'm sorry for her... I don't think it will last long. But I'll keep that to myself.

dara - los angeles
November 23, 2004
My mom is both an amazing and frightening person. We recently got a new TV but unfortunately the cable guys didn't hook up the VCR for us. While trying to do that, I accidentally broke one of two plastic hooks on the panel in the back. It's not a huge deal. If the cable guys had run the cords where they were supposed to, this never would have happened. My mom started crying. Now I feel terrible.

jeenyus76 - jersey
November 20, 2004
I dutifully stood beside my best friend as she got married. During the reception my 'boyfriend' got shit faced. My incredible updo, coupled with a mega watt smile and an impressive display of collar bone weren't enough to counter the drunk's antics. On November 20th my best friend got married. On November 20th I broke up with the guy I thought I was going to marry. Go figure.

Michelle - Los Angeles
November 18, 2004
I decided to start my own company today and took a huge step towards it which I cannot reverse. Here we go...

Ty - Denver
November 11, 2004
Last night I dreamt that I had just gotten out of the Navy, and I had this gorgeous girlfriend who absolutely adored me. Despite all the good that happened, I walked into a room and she was heavily flirting with Ashton Kutcher. Even in my dreams, my good things turn into crap!

lynn - albany
November 9, 2004
Someone I don't know that well told me that she wanted to slit her wrists, that life had become unbearable. She had done this once before, many years ago. I don't know why she picked me to talk to. It's very sad. I called the suicide hotline, and gave her the phone number. She promised to call. I hope she makes it. I talked to her today, and she said today was better. I will call her again tomorrow.

Margie - Toronto
November 7, 2004
Norma and her dog Cleo met me in the park for our regular walk, and surprised me with a Tim Horton's "very berry" muffin, with a sparkler stuck in it, which she lit and sang Happy Birthday for me! My dog Lucy very badly wanted to eat the muffin.

Patrick - San Francisco
November 3, 2004
I decided today that I would write the president a letter. Not an e-mail but a letter. Every day.

not telling - Embarrassed, USA
November 2, 2004
I've been wondering why United States Presidents don't write their own speeches anymore... shouldn't that be part of the job description? Come on! They're ruling a powerful country, and they can't "SPEAK" for themselves? Plus, I bit off ALL my fingernails AND TOENAILS watching all this election crap tonight. Good thing we're going into winter... my feet are not pretty anymore.

mia - ny
November 1, 2004
Why is it SOOO sexy when a guy you like tells you that he could never even consider sex until he knows that person really well? sigh...

Alyssa - Manchester
October 31, 2004
The alternator on my car went and I found myself sitting in darkness on the side of the highway. For a few hours I tried to call for assistance, and I finally ended up getting my mom.

Nora - Philadelphia
October 26, 2004
I painted a lot in my studio today but something wasn't right. I wasn't on, so I went over to Christina's house. She put on some music and all of the sudden I wrote a song. I never wrote a song before. I guess I just needed another creative outlet.

Trisha - Melbourne
October 19, 2004
I broke my camera today. No photography course for me next year, since without the camera, I can't even take the photos to apply for the course. I guess some things aren't just meant to be.

Judy - Houston
October 16, 2004
I lost my German Shepherd Dog today. Cali was almost 12. She was my first Champion of the Breed and was dual titled. She was CH Brentaryl's Mexicali Rose CD,TC,HIC,CGC. I miss her so much!

julie - new york
October 15, 2004
I just found out my boyfriend's dad got arrested. He says it's becausing of outstanding traffic tickets, but I think that's bullshit. He also says it's a mistake and they cleared up the tickets a long time ago. Bullshit! I'm sure it's something my boyrfriend doesn't even know about, or doesn't want me to know about. I wish he weren't so messed up and could go be on his own away from his crazy dad. I guess it runs in the family!

Bobbi - Austin
October 12, 2004
So Monday, my husband got laid off, my tenants' check bounced, that in turn caused our mortgage check to bounce, and the tenants informed me they're breaking the lease. Happy Anniversary to me. The surprising thing is the tenant's dad is a Navy guy, and so I thought they would be honest and upstanding. They've never paid the rent on time, they cheat me on the late fees and tell me lies all the time. I'm not even sure if the whole "my dad is in the hospital" sob story (the latest sob story) is true. I guess they don't realize that in about five minutes I'm going to put a lien on everything they own. What is with people?

Gem - WH-LA
October 10, 2004
I didn't start crying until I arrived at the airport, and then it came like a flood. Twelve hours later I was still sniffling on the red-eye flight to LA. I hate airports.

ellen - ontario
October 9, 2004
I went to visit my sister today, and I found out that she now smokes. When I asked her how long she's been smoking, she answered "Don't you judge me!" Who takes up smoking when they're 32?

Jeff - Champaign, IL
October 8, 2004
I was reading American Atheist magazine in the library today when the man across from me sneezed. "God bless you," I said.

Simon - Hamburg
October 3, 2004
We're looking for a flat together, which I'm very happy about, but I also have a sort of sinking feeling in my gut. Both at the same time. That's okay, isn't it?

Johanna - Ottawa
October 2, 2004
I drove to Montreal in rental car to see my cousin in a play. His character was a total jerk and I had to remind myself that it was just pretend. Afterwards I got into a minor car accident (stupid rainy streets). The other driver had the forms to fill out in his car; apparently lots of people in Montreal carry them. Finally, we drove to my friend's house, late for the dinner party, and tried to behave as if we weren't frazzled from the accident.

WHT - Multan, Pakistan
October 1, 2004
Today I decided that I will end my life the day my mother dies. I love my mother very much and I find no reason in life other than her. Good Luck to All. Peace to this World.

Margie - Toronto
September 30, 2004
I moved my cousin from a downtown boarding house to a room in a two bedroom apartment in North Toronto. He is depressed and an alcoholic; the stranger with whom he will be living is a drinker. This alcoholism thing is puzzling - I don't understand how he can think it reasonable to live with someone who drinks...

September 29, 2004
A year ago, I went out to Long Island to set up a computer network for a doctor. Well he just called me today asking me if I knew the password to his firewall. IT WAS A YEAR AGO!!! Do you know how many of these things I setup!!! How the hell would I remember the password?!

Alyssa - Manchester
September 28, 2004
I'd have to say that going to the police station to fill out a report was my least favorite thing that I did today.

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