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Amy - Toronto
September 27, 2004
I wonder what the deal is with the single shoes that you see on the side of the highway? I can imagine all different ways that they might have landed there. The worst scenario is that they came off someone's foot during a car crash. Today I saw a golf shoe on the side of the highway and thought about how bummed that person is going to be when they get to the golf course to find that one of their shoes is missing.

Jen - Dover
September 26, 2004
I found a way to brush my teeth with my feet, to prove to my husband that I can, because he said I couldn't.

Britney - Melbourne, Fl
September 25, 2004
The most terrifying night of my life, spent in out of sleep every twenty minutes, praying the hurricane wouldn't blow the roof off of my house. And waking up to it all being intact, yet seeing people around me with their homes and lives waterlogged. Nothing can explain the mental exhaustion or how much of a break Florida is in need of.

susie - st. louis park
September 24, 2004
I went shopping at Tiffany & Co. today with my sister. I was completely intimidated to go in there, but had the best time. I also now want a $200 necklace. The lady who helped us was so nice and so friendly. She is going to come visit me at my store on Sunday because she really liked my shirt.

annabelle - boston
September 20, 2004
I give a presentation on Friday. Seven deans and professors will watch and decide if I get to move forward in my degree program. I feel like puking my guts out and it's only Monday night.

Sandy Jensen - Eugene, Oregon
September 16, 2004
Taylor, Peter, and I went birdwatching at Fern Ridge Rez to find the parasitic jaeger. I learned a lot about kleptoparasitism (a form of feeding where one animal steals the prey caught & killed by another animal). Peter had just had a retinal reattachment and was groggy from Percoset, but the terns and ospreys revived him.

kimberly - key west
September 13, 2004
I am tired. I am tired of hurricanes. I am tired of George W. Bush. I am going to try to get some rest and see how I feel in the morning.

Alicia - Columbus, Ohio
September 12, 2004
A mirror had been sitting on my floor waiting to be hung for about four months. I finally put it up. It's crooked.

Colleen - Boston
September 11, 2004
I can't believe I had such a good time on a date. His name is Gary. We cooked dinner, played Scrabble, and listened to jazz. It was our fourth date. How is it possible to feel so close to someone in such a short amount of time?

pat - head of the harbor, ny
September 8, 2004
My son came home from a rehab... heroin... 35 years old. I'm scared to death, but hopeful. He's a wonderful man... he just has to make it, you know?

Kris - anytown USA
September 5, 2004
I got married to a wonderful man who loves me more than anything. It was perfect. Unfortunately clinical depression has set in and less than a year later he has already been exposed to the for better and for worse. Tom Cruise, bite me. Anti-depressants have finally started to kick in and I am starting to function again! Thank you Lexapro!

Alanna - San Francisco
September 3, 2004
I had to put my goldfish to sleep today. Cleaning out her tank, I had silly urges to keep her food. I started thinking, what do we do with all the stuff that's left behind when someone dies?

julie - new york
September 1, 2004
My first night in my apartment in New York City. Me and my mom slept on the hardwood floor with jackets over us. I used my teddy bear for a pillow. She went back to California the next day and I realized I was totally alone.

Alyssa - Manchester
August 28, 2004
At the music shop he told me he'd never heard of The Smiths and I groaned, "Oh no!" That seemed earth-shattering to me, like our foundation was crumbling away. But now I wonder if I'm just being shallow.

Samantha - Hungary
August 25, 2004
I just found out that I am not going to be able to have children.

Alyssa - Manchester
August 24, 2004
I shared my peanut butter and jelly sandwich with Ross again. He says mine are the best. Too bad he doesn't have anything more interesting than a Slim-Fast shake to trade for. No way am I going there!

suzi - ontario
August 23, 2004
We all drink and drive. It's so stupid and I know this. We worry about the police and the tickets without realizing that we could die, be seriously hurt, or kill someone else. He drinks more than all of us. I hate not knowing, and I'm left with this heavy "what if..." until i hear from him again.

jv - palo alto
August 22, 2004
I was walking on California Avenue today and noticed that the mom and pop Indian restaurant was closed. This was nothing new - it was rarely open... but this time it was completely boarded up. This saddened me, because I supported the proprietors of that restaurant and more importantly I had met an interesting person there about four years ago. We are no longer together. But she is visiting and I was thinking of seeing her but I think the boarded up restaurant is trying to tell me something else.

Lemur - Austin
August 21, 2004
My little sister got married today. I gave the matron of honor speech and everyone laughed and applauded at my jokes. I think I'd like to quit my day job and become a comedian.

elle - vancouver
August 17, 2004
Someone tried to steal from my shop today. I wasn't as angry about the potential loss in revenue as I was insulted that someone would steal from me. Not only is theft illegal, but it is also insulting to my intelligence and integrity.

Marissa - San Francisco
August 15, 2004
Was suppose to quit my job at 3pm today. It's like 5pm and the Vice President is leaving in half an hour. I'm totally chickening out. God, I need a drink... I'll do it tomorrow.

(unknown) - Toronto
August 14, 2004
My father broke his neck today. His C2. He can't move his arms.

Elle - Baltimore
August 12, 2004
Today I finally realized that no one is ever whole-heartedly committed. I feel like everyone is cheating. My two good friends, who both have boyfriends, just had random drunk hook-ups and I'm watching another friend's parents divorce from a distance. I've even been tempted lately, I mean I'm not technically with him... so it doesn't matter right? No one is loyal anymore, not even the good ones. It scares me.

Sophoan - Stockton, CA
August 9, 2004
The inevitable day that I've been dreading: wisdom-tooth-removal-day. I got all 4 teeth taken out. The oral surgeon didn't put me to sleep. I felt my mouth being broken into, my teeth being chiseled, being crushed, and pulled away. Right above me was a TV suspended from the ceiling. Tarzan was playing. In that chair that day, even though I went through a lot of pain, I felt strong. As strong as Tarzan.

Mischa - Vancouver
August 8, 2004
When you like your good friends older brother things get messy. I really really like him... a lot.

Heather - Glendale, AA
August 6, 2004
I haven't talked to my dad in over five years. Two days ago he gets on the phone while I'm talking to my step mom (his wife) and just randomly talks up a storm. After asking me the most redundant questions, he tells me he loves me. In silence for the period of two secounds I thought, this just dosen't seem right. But, to spare him and me the energy of getting argumentative, I reluctantly said it back. His birthday is today. I don't want to call him. It hurts me too much to know that he will snort more lines then normal on this day. I wish I had a dad and a mother that truly exist in my life. My hope is gone, I'm already 17...

Erin - Floyd knobs
August 5, 2004
Today is the day, I completed the poem I have been waiting to write for years, one that could possibly match Mr. John Lennon's work. Now that I have done it... I sit back and wonder.... what do I do now?

Grace - Minneapolis
August 4, 2004
My sister had a grand mal seizure at a bookstore today. She fell, hit her head and started grinding her teeth. Her mouth was bleeding and her whole body was shaking. An ambulance ride and 4 hours in the hospital later, my mom, between tears, told her that she does not want to outlive her children. Morality is scary.

Patricia - Brooklyn
August 3, 2004
I've known Paul since he was a a chubby-bummed 12-year-old from the California suburbs. He has been talking about moving to NYC for the past year or so, to which I always reply, "I'll believe it when I see you on my doorstep." Today, 4:45 AM, he was there... with boobs, not in his bag, but on his chest. And long hair, not on his chest, but on his head. And a french pedicure. And the weirdest thing was... it wasn't all that weird at all, because he's always just been Paul.

Jean-Benoit - Montreal
August 1, 2004
Last night, I went strolling naked, in a cathedral in St-Petersburgh, Russia. Or so I thought, until the non-majestic walls of my small appartment woke me up by impact. Part of me will never leave that city.

Jeff - Chicago, IL
July 31, 2004
After being in love with her for two years, I've started "dating" my best friend. Her parents asked me to stay with her while they were out of town. I wonder what they'd say if they knew we lost our respective virginities in their bed.

Alison - Holyoke
July 29, 2004
We went to dinner at Apollo Grill. There was almost nothing familiar on the menu. It disappointed me, for I knew dinner was going to be weird. Sure enough, everyone except Heidi hated their dinner. Eighty-five dollars down the drain.

Margie - Toronto
July 27, 2004
So my 12 year old friend bugged and bugged me until I finally joined MSN today and I have to admit I like it - but are there any other 51 year olds out there?

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