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Harriet - London
July 24, 2004
My dad took a woman called Janine out to supper tonight. I know because my mum told me. She still loves him.

Steve - Massachusetts
July 21, 2004
I saw my 4 year old nephew, Ben, who lives on the west coast. I was looking forward to seeing him again, because the first time I met him last Christmas, I got really attached to him – he drew me a picture that I keep on our refrigerator door. But when I saw him this time, he had moved on – developed. I wasn’t ready for that.

mark - Chicago
July 17, 2004
Two months ago, I cancelled all my credit cards because I have too much debt. Last night, I found a forgotten credit card I haven't used in three years. I went shopping today and spent $494.49 on shirts, ties and socks at the Nordstrom sale.

sarah - NYC
July 16, 2004
I finally took my computer over his apartment for repair. His girlfriend wasn't home. I felt obligated to repay him for his work -- he knew this and attacked me, pulling my hair insisting that I wanted it. (He used to get me to change my mind when we dated 10 years ago.) This time I just wanted my computer and to get out. Why did I give in? It seemed easier than fighting to get away… He gave me money for the cab home and I took it. I paid him, he paid me. The virus is off the hard drive now but yet I feel more violated than before.

Neil - San Diego
July 15, 2004
I quit smoking today for the third time since I started 24 years ago. Once I quit for nine months, but had a fight with my partner and went out and bought a pack of Camel Special Lights 100's. That was five years ago. I have to make it work this time. My mother has emphysema and is miserable most of the time. She smoked for 60 years. I can't smoke in front of her anymore. She wants me to quit. I really want a cigarette.

Judy - Peachy Colorado
July 14, 2004
I'm teaching our toddler son to sing Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da... isn't that the greatest song? Today he was freaking out in the car, and as soon as we turned it on, he stopped pitching a fit and just listened. Music does wonders.

Linda - Chicago
July 10, 2004
Today the great love of my life told me that I am not in his "long-term best interest". What do you say to that, when you've been planning to grow old together?

anna - maryland
July 5, 2004
Kazaa just crashed my computer. I had 3,200 songs on it, no wonder. Still, my professor won't be too happy to hear that this crash is the reason my term paper is nonexistent. I am left with a broken heart and no music to soothe it.

joney - destin, fl
July 4, 2004
I learned today that driving 5 hours to see a guy is a bad idea, liking him is even worse, telling him he is bad in bed is apparently the worst thing you can do...

Mia - Fallbrook
July 2, 2004
His wife called today, his current wife of 18 years. Of the 5 other women he was seeing, I was the one who had the apartment, and she had the house. He denied knowing me. I'm sending her all the pictures of us together and the love letters he wrote. They should work for her divorce case. This news still didn't stop me from enjoying my shopping trip to Palm Springs though.

Amanda Hancock - Toronto
July 1, 2004
I took my first trip to Vancouver B.C. and finally realized what the heck I've been missing. Mountains, big trees and slugs the size of hot dogs.

jason - Toronto
June 30, 2004
I was watching "Ken Jennings" on Jeopardy earlier. I want to be as smart as him.

jacintè - toronto
June 28, 2004
Over the phone, my sister Jana mentioned that she was having an attack; she couldn't see out of her left eye. She had been free of M.S. since 1998 -- birthing her daughter had sent the disease into remission. I sat at work and cried with her until I had to leave and go vote. On the subway ride home I realized that I'll never be truly happy while my sister is ill.

Emily - Newark NJ
June 23, 2004
Today I found out that I am pregnant. How can I be so stupid? I am only 16... I have absolutly no idea how I am going to tell my parents... it's bad enough I can't get out of Algrebra 1... Gah...

Laura - Toronto
June 22, 2004
I hung my laundry to dry on the clothes line in my backyard for the first time today. Then my neighbour started his barbeque. My sheets smell like smoked burgers.

June - Waterloo, On, Canada
June 20, 2004
I thought I would give computer dating a try - what harm could it bring? Wrote a carefully worded profile that would give me protection from wierdos but still tell who I was. I got a reply from a very interesting fellow and we've been together ever since. Best risk I've taken in my life!

Amanda - Boston
June 19, 2004
I picked up the phone and it was my dad -- he got out of prison today. A lot of people won't talk to him anymore, but I still feel sorry for him. Even though what he did was horribly wrong and I can hardly stand to talk to him. I'm glad I live all the way across the country so I don't have to see him. This wasn't how my family used to be.

Alyssa - Manchester
June 16, 2004
On my way to work today a black bear ran behind my car! I was so surprised, so excited, that I wanted to pull over and look for it or call someone or something.

Jill - Boston
June 11, 2004
Our office has mice. They have no fear. One hopped on our admin's desk and ate her cucumber while she was on the phone.

suzi - ontario
June 10, 2004
I missed his call from Iraq for the second time. I felt so bad. He left a message saying he'd be home on July 15... everytime I look at a calendar and realize I'm one day closer to him my heart beats faster. I can't wait for that moment when I find his eyes in the crowd...

Christian - Toronto
June 9, 2004
I got my first tattoo today. I didn't hurt as much as I thought. I could see myself getting another.

Brenna - Seattle
June 8, 2004
I graduated from high school today. One set of grandparents gave me 200 dollars. Instead of money, my other set of grandparents gave me a card that said "we thought you'd want something green", with a picture of a guy sneezing all over. I don't know how I should take that...

Sue - Toronto
June 4, 2004
I began an affair that has caused me to question everything...

Juanita - Florence/Italy
May 24, 2004
BMG Italy called me, and said " we like your CD". I can't really sleep. I woke up and called the man back, I wanted to hear him again. "We'll record you, but you must provide for your own advance." Yes, sure... DAMN.

Elouisa - London, England
May 23, 2004
My beautiful cat died today. She had lung cancer and saw the vet only yesterday when I thought she was absolutely fine. This evening I found her in the kitchen looking for me and I knew she'd come to tell me to let her go. She could hardly walk or breathe. She purred when the vet put the needle in. It would have been her 12th birthday on Thursday. People don't understand the void that she filled. I miss her.

Alyssa - Manchester
May 19, 2004
I went to Store 24 tonight. As I was checking out, the cashier said to me, "Beer and animal crackers?" What can I say? It's been a rough day.

Alyssa - Manchester
May 18, 2004
My ex-boyfriend thinks I'm sending him prank postcards from Paris under a pseudonym! I can't even imagine what would make someone assume such things.

Jessica - Medford, OR
May 14, 2004
I'm in medical school. I've been wondering if this is really what I want to do with my life. Is it worth it to have spent all this money, and then change my mind?

Margie - Toronto
May 13, 2004
Today I had my colonoscopy and the drugs were as good as I expected. I was aware for part of it, watching my bowel on the screen... very interesting. I am saving the packaging from the clean-out kit for the next person who turns 50!

farpo - Fort Worth, TX
May 12, 2004
Today I watched a grown man and his wife decide to get stoned. They do it a lot, evidently. They have two children, 9 and 2. When the 9 year old asked them what they were doing, they called it "adult time". They can't be serious can they? Parents? Driving home stoned and drinking with their kids in the car?

Hester Prynne - Sacramento
May 9, 2004
I left early that morning and told my husband I was going Mother's Day shopping. I was really going to see Jack - he was my employer and now also my lover. When I got home a few hours later, the first thing I noticed when I walked into the back room was my computer turned on and all the emails Jack and I had sent to each other over the last month staring back at me from the monitor screen. My heart dropped through the bottom of my feet. I turned to look down the hall toward my husband sitting on the sofa quietly smoking a cigarette - his eyes met mine - "So how's Jack-Jack?", (using my pet nickname for Jack). His tone was eerily calm. All of a sudden everything became very quiet and still for me; except for the rushing noise in my ears like a thousand, hurricane frenzied oceans battering against the rocks. My world blew up that day.

Candice - Australia
May 8, 2004
I got lost today in Sydney, trying to find Central Train Station. I guess that's what happens when you use a map from 1993, before the Eastern Distributor freeway was even created...

me - over here
May 6, 2004
She had a miscarriage and chose to have a funeral. She makes $7 an hour, supports her husband, herself and now has to pay for this. And instead of feeling sorry for her, I'm mad at her for not finding a real man and getting pregnant when she couldn't afford it. The funeral is Tuesday... Wednesday will be the 4th year anniversary of my sons death.

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