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Charr - Sacramento
May 5, 2004
My beloved cat went missing while the satellite TV installer was working here. He left the door ajar and the wanderlust kitty made his escape. I put signs up all over the neighborhood. I kept him indoors because the neighborhood has such heavy traffic. I want to yell at the installer but all that would do is make him feel bad and guilty. Then I would feel worse. I miss that cat. I hope he finds his way back home.

Tonika - Toronto
May 1, 2004
I have an afro. To Black people: Yes, I comb it. To White people: No, you can't touch it. To South Asian People: It's naturally like this. To Queer People: Yes, I know I'm a diva. To unassuming city dwelling hipster cum writer for the daily newspaper: No, the fro doesn't mean that I'm a f*cking aspiring rap artist. I just have an afro.

Alyssa - Manchester
April 29, 2004
A man sitting on some steps down by the harbor stopped my sister and I and told us, "You two are a lot prettier than you think you are." We laughed a bit, thinking he was a freak, and then later realized it was actually a rather decent, complimentary thing to say.

Roxanne - Sacramento
April 26, 2004
I was shooting photos at a live punk show from the stage and when I turned around a cute blonde girl was flashing the audience. I put my camera up quickly and smiled so she flashed me too. The pics are adorable.

Anna - Appleton
April 25, 2004
I read an article in the Chicago Tribune this morning about the working poor; the family of seven subsisting on $23,000 a year, the couple living off her $7.50 hour part time job. I am reading this article in my dorm room at a private liberal arts college, which my mom is paying more than that family earns in a year to send me to. I am a music education major. Will this benefit society? Possibly, yes. Will I ever be able to make the ridiculous inequality up to this family? No. Not ever.

Kelly - Fargo, ND
April 24, 2004
I went out with a friend from the twin cities for a few drinks and dinner. I had a tough time deciding what to wear. I hadn't seen him in quite some time. As I was about to leave he started talking about there being some kind of "us." I was terribly confused by this and couldn't understand how he ever had such a mislead impression of my feelings. I am glad I decided not to wear a skirt out to dinner and drinks.

Katie - Des Moines, IA
April 23, 2004
Today my roommates celebrated my birthday a month early, because they won't be in town for the real deal. They bought me dinner, got me drunk, and took me to a frat party. My ex-boyfriend decided to pick a fight with me, so I went back to the dorms and slept with this guy I like. Best fake birthday ever.

Bryanna - Las Vegas
April 22, 2004
Today my Biology lab was on "Evidence of Evolution." Even though my grades are important, I stood up for my belief and faith in Christ and I did not attend.

Hank Ten - Santa Cruz, Ca
April 21, 2004
I got motivated to go surfing before work Wednesday morning. Upon arrival at the beach in Santa Cruz I was pleased to find 6-8 foot swells rolling in just as the surf reports predicted. 90 minutes of fun. Lefts, rights, a couple good long rides with 3 or 4 solid turns. Made my day.

Me - Toronto
April 20, 2004
Nothing stings like being broken up with via e-mail.

Heather - Memphis
April 16, 2004
After waiting for two hours, my son was handed to me all bundled up with bandages. He kinda looked like Marley from Scrooge. He looked up at me and then his eyes rolled back into their sockets still drowsy from anesthia. His eyes and right side of his head was swollen. In one more month when the swelling goes down, we will find out if his cochlear implant was worth it.

isabella - minneapolis
April 14, 2004
How does one go about asking a room mate's boyfriend to start paying rent? He might as well, he is there more than I am! Freeloading fool...

bruce grierson - vancouver
April 11, 2004
Easter Sunday morning, finally, out came Madeleine, which means "tower." And she is, or at least she will be. The pediatrician rummaged for a tape measure and laid it against her. It was not long enough. I thought, 'We have a daughter who cannot be measured by science.'

Harrold - Menlo Park
April 10, 2004
I sat in my room and got stoned and looked for porn on the internet, like I do most days. There's no doubt about it, I'm a sex and porn addict.

Cecilia - East Hanover
April 9, 2004
Tonight I went to a Sevendust concert and met this guy, he is an English teacher. We slept with one another. He is obsessed with running and I don't think there is a chance for us to be more than a one night stand. I think he took viagra or never ended and was well worth it.

kim - key west
April 6, 2004
I stopped drinking coffee and now my head feels bad. (and I mean bad)

Dan - Portland, OR
April 4, 2004
Today I walked around town all day looking at one bedroom rentals for my friend. I kept looking in these old 1920's era buildings for some evidence that the ghosts that once ate, slept, and lived there had left something for us.

AJ - Vancouver
April 3, 2004
I gave the garden a good look today. The magnolia tree looks good, the latest clamatis is drying out, the rose bush is just huge, and I keep finding raspberry sprouts popping up. I think it will be a nice garden this year.

Kate - Minneapolis
April 1, 2004
OK, I know this is cliche and might make anyone that's not in highschool want to shoot their foot... but, today my dreamboat asked me to prom. I'd never really talked to him before and NEVER thought he really even knew who I was or would ever ask me. I don't plan on sleeping tonight, I will revel in my happiness.

Britney - Palm Bay
March 29, 2004
My best friend from Georgia calls me up and tells me to wait at my house because another friend is bringing over a package she sent me and she wants to hear my reaction over the phone. My other friend arrives and takes me out to her car where a "package" is located in her trunk. I open the trunk, and out pops my friend from Georgia with a video camera!!! She had ridden the bus 14 hours down to Florida so she could spend Spring Break with us.

grace - minneapolis
March 28, 2004
Today I realized my pink plate was missing. The plate was made in Italy and was a gift from my mother; thus, it was special to me. One of my roomies, while taking out the trash, heard broken glass. Apparently, another roomie broke it and decided not to tell me. I called my mother, and in between tears, thanked her for raising me to be a better person, a person who tells somebody when things like that happen.

matt - vancouver
March 26, 2004
I played a gig at a house party... saw my ex there... felt a little unstable... cut myself up with the mic... screamed at faces that I was unfamiliar with. Ended up sleeping at my guitarist's house and talked about orgasms. Another practice tomarrow...

Susan - Texas
March 23, 2004
I got an e-mail from my sons teacher. She says that he said "crap" and she heard him mention something about a training bra. Please, sister, don't waste my time!

Lon - Portland
March 19, 2004
After my morning bus route, I had a chat with my station agent about a customer service complaint from a lady who said I failed to stop to pick her up. Then I went home and fed my 2 cats while telling them both about the incident of the woman I'd supposedly left behind. They didn't seem to care either way and were more concerned about getting chicken chunks or tuna.

Elouisa - London, England
March 18, 2004
I've been in my new job for three months. I feel lighter and so much more confident than I did six months ago. Is it the new job or is it the bottle of wine I've drunk?

Matthew Ventura - Manila, Philippines
March 15, 2004
Instant noodles is served as dinner...again. *Sigh* Being a boarding student is fun, yet hard. Anyway it's my final week in school so I only have to suffer for 2-3 days. Tomorrow's breakfast: instant noodles al dente!

andie - minnesota
March 13, 2004
A family friend is struggling to fight cancer... he's fighting to live another day for both his daughter and himself after seeing his wife die of the same disease only years ago. Another friend of mine was recently discovered bulimic at 18. While she's killing herself to loose weight, he's praying to keep the mere 100 pounds he has left. He's fighting to win back his life and she's giving hers up voluntarily. I can't stop thinking about it. She is completely surrounded by people who care for her and love her, i know this for a fact...but does she? My dad approached me as i was falling asleep tonight. "Goodnight." he said, "I love you." When he left I started crying.

Elouisa - London, England
March 12, 2004
Somebody had a go at me today because I was sad about what happened in Madrid. Don't people care anymore? I know there are car accidents etc. but this was deliberate, on trains, when they were packed! I tried to justify it by saying I knew someone in Madrid - even so, surely I'm allowed to feel for these people? I use the tube everyday. What if it were me?

sabrina - jakarta
March 7, 2004
Im having quite a lonely weekend here.. nobody's home... I went to church this morning... had lunch (which consisted of some interesting fishballs + vegetables with peanut sauce) but I think I'm fine.. just fine :)

Maegan Blane - Newtown PA
March 4, 2004
I had to go to the doctor to get medicine for my jaw. It won't open all the way. I guess it is infected.

Mark - Atlanta
March 2, 2004
I spent an hour last night reading Alice in Wonderland to my 7 year old. We are both still confused...

andrea - toronto
February 27, 2004
I used the money alloted to pay for my wedding dresses to pay off the rest of my car, figuring it would reduce the money going out every month. I got totalled at a four way stop sign that same morning. It was my birthday. Later, I cancelled the wedding.

Callender - Washington, DC
February 20, 2004
My philosophy professor coerced me into seriously considering double-majoring in Philosophy. It might be the best thing that's happened in ages, something that I might truly enjoy.

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