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Max - Toronto
February 18, 2004
I realized long distance relationships never work. I knew that already but totally forgot.

Lucia Sands - Minneapolis
February 15, 2004
The day after Valentine's Day has never been a good one. I got home this morning with a pretty bad hangover and sulked in my frustration by watching romantic comedies. How can I like him so much? It honestly boggles my mind. He paralyzes me. Someday I will get up the nerve...

kathleen - st. paul
February 5, 2004
While working out at the rec. center today I ran into this person who was so familiar. I saw that glimmer of recognition in his eyes, followed by that puzzling 'how do I know you?' look. I thought 'dorm last year? No... A shared class? No..." Then it hit me. We had both been at a party together, pretty smashed, and had a good time playing President and Asshole. He remembered it, too. We had a good laugh, then went back to our treadmills. Weird.

ellen - boston
February 4, 2004
Today I arrived at my British History lecture with no writing utensil. The girl behind me was nice enough to lend me a pen. At the end of class, I tried to hand it back, but she told me to keep it. To her, it was probably nothing, but it meant a lot to me.

Sarah - Deerfield, MA
February 2, 2004
Happy Groundhog's Day! I spent the day (aka my BIRTHDAY) sick as a dog with a bad stomach virus. Bouts of sleep and TV combined with attempts at reading. Ate crackers, a bagel and pasta. Yay for apple juice.

Catherine - Brisbane (Australia)
January 27, 2004
On the way to work, I reminded myself of what beauty can be found in the world by using my mobile phone camera to capture moments of beauty. Managed to snap a picture of a butterfly about to fly. I'm now wasting time in the city until I head off to training for my medieval reenactment group this evening.

Bruce Davidson - Washington, DC
January 23, 2004
I got really pissed at my best friend... she wants favors and it takes all day. A simple task that took three hours... frustration with software... entering serial numbers again... and it just pissed my day away. It was a strange feeling to be angry at someone who I really care about - but she bloody pissed me off big time.

Jim - Philadelphia
January 22, 2004
I am staring at my computer, and Brian sits on the desk typing random numbers into a calculator that is not turned on. We are happy that our boss is out of town.

Max - Toronto
January 20, 2004
I lost 8 lbs since January 1st. I guess you could say it's a good start.

deafwolf - Dallas
January 16, 2004
Today I watched my 13 year old daughter go off to a city 200 miles away in the rain, on a bus, with people I do not know. Itís strange how a simple field trip can have such an impact on a father. Itís now late in the afternoon and they should be coming home, but the weather is still bad and all I can do is sit and form more grey hairs. I pray they will arrive safely.

J. - Kingston
January 14, 2004
I was making out with my boyfriend on my bed, the TV was on...I was nibbling on his ear. I stopped for a minute and he said "keep going while I watch Gilmore Girls"...he then proceded to "pretend" to put on my bra. I think my boyfriend and I need to have a frank chat about that.

Hannah - Downtown
January 11, 2004
I just came home from watching The Lord of the Rings. It's 1:00am and that was my second time watching LOTR 3. Orlando - geez, what a cute guy. Viggo - holy smokes! Those eyes!!!

Julie - NYC
January 1, 2004
I stayed up all night at a New Years party doing coke. I think i did the last line around 7am. My boyfriend (booty call at the time) asked me "am I just a booty call to you?"

John - Bowen Island BC
December 31, 2003
After a huge snowfall, the kids tobogganed down our neighbour's alternate driveway enough to turn it into ice. We hadn't considered that Odd and Dot - Norwegian Candians who are approaching seventy - might take issue with this until Odd parked his truck in the middle of it. Their usual driveway was useless, as the road it leads to hadn't been plowed. And parking at the bottom of the hill was out of the question - too risky a walk for their old bones. Today I shovelled out steps in the ice for them to walk down, and my wife gave them a nice box of fudge chocolate, which they loved.

troy - cherry valley
December 30, 2003
I trimmed my first beard in the mirror today and now it looks like a disguise. I feel like I should be sailing a clipper ship, writing novels, or living with a bear.

Ray Russ - San Francisco
December 29, 2003
There's still no signal from that little Mars lander (Beagle 2). It's 4:00am and I feel just like that little machine. Alone, lost in a big place with no out there hearing me.

Marc - Darmstadt, Germany
December 24, 2003
Meeting my brother at our traditional family christmas diner, he invited me to a short trip to Tokyo that he won in a contest. I was heavily surprised because in the past fifteen years we've seldom met each other aside the family meetings.

Alicia Steedley - Montgomery, Alabama
December 23, 2003
Today I have a numb blue nose from a basketball at yesterdays Christmas gathering. Ugh. I worry the reflexes are not what they should be. I'll be 31 on the 31st this month. This will only happen once. Visiting Grandmother this evening she reminds me how fragile we are.

Alanna - San Francisco
December 22, 2003
I bought this herbal diet tea hoping for a miracle. All it does is make me really farty. I keep having to go up the stairs at work to fart in the privacy of the bathroom. Maybe that's how it works, by keeping people on the go, always looking for a private place to pass gas. I'm not sure that's what I really want, tooting all the time for months on end.

Annabelle - Minneapolis
December 20, 2003
One of my friends has cancer... he's 19 years old. I was just thinking about how he has to face our hometown soon for Christmas break bald from the chemotherapy. People will ask what he did to his hair. Free haircut, courtesty of cancer.

suzi - ontario
December 13, 2003
He walked right past me in the bar. He was beauty - a Marine being deployed in 2 days. I think about him all the time. He'll be home soon. We hope.

christy - brooklyn
December 12, 2003
11:30am: My dad called, "I just wanted you to know, mom is in the hospital. Please try not to worry." She was in good health, they couldn't determine what was wrong. 6:00pm: My brother called... I knew already. She was gone.

Ben - Kingston
December 10, 2003
A girl went down on me as the Counting Crows tune 'Long December' played on her stereo. It was wonderful, but I couldn't help thinking about the sadness of the human condition.

Doug W - Halifax,N.S.
December 7, 2003
It snowed for the first time last night. I was all excited but it turned to slush this morning... I didn't get wet though because I stayed inside all day because I'm sick... I must have lost 10lbs. hanging out in the washroom.

valerie - linden, NJ
December 2, 2003
I lay on my back this morning with my hand over my forehead. The neon green numbers of my alarm clock were spelling out LATE. I overslept and missed my class trip to Philadelphia. No one knows I've been missing so much school. I wish I could wake up, but it seems the late nights at work, hours of homework, and lingering sickness are getting to me. I wish I wasn't so weak. I'm very upset with myself. There's nothing much I can do about it now. I took my blanket downstairs to the couch and watched Maury while eating crackers for breakfast. The onslaught of daytime college and technical school commercials intoxicate me. I hate school right now, but I'm not sure I want to go into the job market just yet. I just don't know what to do with myself. I want to go to sleep and dream forever.

Dave - Waterloo
November 30, 2003
While visiting a divorced 'work friend' for dinner, after an evening of of nervous tension between myself and her dog, Maxi decided she was boss. I now have a 2 inch, 12 stich, right hand reminder of that evening. I still love dogs though...

Ellie - Liverpool
November 28, 2003
My husband and I made love without birth control. I have never not used something to prevent pregnancy. He wants a baby now, says that he's ready. But I still can't decide if I'm ready. Will I ever be?

annie - vancouver
November 26, 2003
Today a man died in the pool hall that I worked at for 6 years. He was an excellent pool player and jewelry maker. He racked his pool balls, chalked his cue, and sat down on a nearby couch. Then he passed away.

Alex - Hamilton
November 25, 2003
I think I broke my toe. It really hurts. And my roomate is being a total princess and I can't stand it anymore. I also need more money.

Tracy - Baltimore
November 24, 2003
I had a hysterectomy today, and I am only thirty-two years old. I am so sad, I will never have any more babies. I hope this will stop the pain. I am so tired of being in pain.

Roman - toronto
November 18, 2003
I bought new shoes today. I tried them on and decided that I would wear them for the rest of the day. The woman at the cash asked if I wanted her to dispose of my old sneakers. I am not sure why but I lied and said, "No they are great for spear fishing." I have never been spear fishing.

Melissa - Bothell
November 15, 2003
I solved my first Rubik's Cube.

Stacy Austin - Corvallis, OR
November 14, 2003
We went "out" last night for Kerry's birthday. While walking we found a block party. Had awesome music, serving hot dogs and free drinks. We were like, "Uhh... got anything to drink?" They said they had gatorade. "No, no. Do you have anything to drink?" The party was thrown by the Christian Campus Crusade or something like that. I knew something was wrong when they said they had a permit to be that loud.

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