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emily - vancouver
November 13, 2003
I called a family to make an appointment for them to bring their two year old son to speech therapy. The father told me his wife is in palliative care and to call back in the new year.

matt - the hammer
November 6, 2003
I went skating tonight and I initiated conversation with two random people. I think that is the first time I have actually started a conversation with random people... the first one was some chick, never did get her name. She wasn't as cute as I thought she was up close. The other random person was a guy, his name was Sub.

Joe MacDonald - Kaneohe, Hawaii
November 3, 2003
Today I started my first day of work at my new job, in my new home, in my new country. It does make it a bit hard to appreciate Hawaii when you work in an office that is always 75 degrees, but still, there are ways. It was a hectic day though with an overload of information and what seemed like an accelerated clock. I went to bed with a ton on my mind, but still slept like a log.

Jennifer Libby - Rochester, NY
October 31, 2003
Went to Mt. Hope cemetery to eat my bagel and there were three busloads of grade-schoolers running around and yelling "I found it!"

Stacy Austin - Corvallis, OR
October 30, 2003
My dad sent me a letter to tell me that my dog had died. So my dad writes, "I regret to inform you that Mikey boy was struck by an automobile while crossing a street trying to get to a dumpster for munchies." At least he died with some kind of bliss... I think.

Maria - Mississauga
October 28, 2003
Today I remembered the little boy from our trip to Peru almost two years ago. I thought he was a street kid just trying to scam me out of some cash but to my shame he really was just a hungry kid who wanted to sit down and have a meal... ugh... if there's one thing that'll send me to hell, it's how I treated that kid.

Mike - Rotterdam
October 27, 2003
I'm in Stockholm right now all by myself. I spent the whole night looking for a place to stay and now I'm sleeping on a bench in the train station. This is a birthday I will never forget.

M - Austin
October 25, 2003
I had another dream. I was driving down a big hill at night that was covered with ice. My boyfriend (who in real life is nothing but completely sweet to me) and I were fighting and punching each other. It is his birthday today.

Mia - Calgary
October 24, 2003
It is a typical work day in the oil industry for everyone but me. I am masking a depression that has finally hit, after 6 months of watching the love of my life battle drug addiction. I make a lot of money a year and can't afford a coffee right now, that is why, and I am clean. So no, I don't want to go for a coffee break today, Julie.

Becky Peters - Columbia, MO, usa
October 22, 2003
My brother is finally out of the blasted army!! Yeah!! I haven't seen him in a year and he's coming to town for Homecoming. He really wants to see Sheryl Crow though since she's the grand marshall. :)

Stacy Austin - Corvallis, OR
October 21, 2003
Tonight a few residents and I decided to go find a party off campus. I didn't notice it right away, but Thomas totally ditched us. What a punk. So I went home, got some maple syrup, and put it all over his covers.

Tara - Santa Barbara
October 20, 2003
I got in a huge fight with a friend today. Someone I, love......very much. And to my dismay he did not love me back like he had lead me to believe.

Kim - Toronto
October 19, 2003
I sat with my father as he inhaled, then exhaled for the last time.

Jess - Port Hope
October 12, 2003
Today my mom gave me the talk that she was no doubt given when she met my dad. Holidays are meant to be spent with family and now that I have two families to share, I can not be in two places at once. Although she said she would be sad if I wasn't around for the next holiday, she said she would understand. I guess we can mark this down as the next step to adulthood.

Micah McDaniel - Austin, TX
October 10, 2003
My second son turned two weeks old today. While I was running, I realized I'm the father of two children. Man, does that feel strange.

Donna - Brandon, MB
October 7, 2003
My friend told me she and her partner are "having problems." She feels terrible, and I feel bad for her. So why do I still have a strange sense of euphoria and energy when I think about this? I think it's a combination of 'Thank God it's not me' and the realization that there is more to the world than my small radius and my problems. Other people are hurting, dammit! I need to stop obsessing and start caring.

Jaclin - Columbia, SC
October 4, 2003
Went to a blues festival, played some pool, built a big fire in the woods, drank a lot of wine, and danced. Fell back in love with life.

Dan - Cooperstown, NY
October 2, 2003
Today I spent an hour or so in the Library at the National Baseball Hall of Fame researching players who were killed in baseball games. I found a list of several dozen players killed while playing professional baseball, including those who had been hit in the skull by a ball, hit in the chest by the ball, collided with a teammate, been hit by lightning, and even one who caught a fly ball while running onto a track and was run over by the train. Fans have died too -- falling out of the stands, being hit by baseballs, in knife-fights, shootings, construction accidents, and choking to death on hot dogs.

Tim Orme - Boston, MA
September 28, 2003
Today, for the first time in a very long time, I woke up without tears in my eyes.

ryan - fredericton
September 26, 2003
"Nothing self-inflicted hurts like an accident." The words kind of came out of my mouth while I was talking to Tracy. I was speaking about her new tattoo, but in the days that followed, the phrase took on a whole new meaning.

Anthony - Oakville
September 24, 2003
A blackbelt told me to disregard the notion that long winters are the reason for depression amongst Canadians. Sunshine comes from inside.

Keno - Ottawa
September 20, 2003
Andrew and I bought 7 grams of marijuana, but he took .8 grams more out of my share. We argued and I punched him. He wasn’t expecting that, and now I have my .8 grams but no friend.

(no name) - Hopkins
September 18, 2003
Where to go to college?? ...I just don't know. Too many decisions, and definitely not enough time. But when I have doubts about my future, I just think about the dean of students at my highschool... he was a cocaine addict, and is now the Minnesota Vikings Mascot (and not to mention a real ass). I can't really go wrong, can I?

Alanna - San Francisco
September 17, 2003
Today I decided to give up hard alcohol for 1 year. I turned 33 yesterday and made the mistake of telling the bartender it was my birthday. I am so sick. If I make it through today, I promise to remember this lesson. This time it'll be different.

Molly - Boston
September 14, 2003
I wore an Egyptian gown and explained what music was like in the Middle East 2,000 years ago to somewhat bored children. I kept trying to get a good sound out of the ram's horn, but it sounded like someone giving the bird (in a tunnel). I'm forty years old and I still do things like this.

Kristy Munroe - Winnipeg, Manitoba
September 12, 2003
I just had the most amazing first date. The guy is perfect in mind, body and soul. So why is it that as I drove home, I was drawn to drive past the house of my ex who hurt me mentally and physically, and wish that I was with him?

TomRipley - Amsterdam
September 10, 2003
It should have been a sad day. My wife told me recently that she wants a divorce now I'm told I'm losing my job. It is dark outside, raining heavily and the temperature has dropped. I saw a girl on the tram today. Her eyes were translucent blue, as if someone was shining a torch through the darkness. She looked at my face then her eyes dropped. I instinctively looked down to my chest to see if there was a trace of the light...

Terra - San Francisco
September 9, 2003
Black clouds hung low in the sky, and an unfamiliar humidity suffused the air. It rained on one side of the street but not other. Later the wind came up and tossed me around as I walked down the sidewalk. All the concrete protections we surround ourselves with felt very illusory, and I was aware of how small I am in the face of nature.

Matt Harris - Welland, Ontario
September 8, 2003
I have diarrhea today. I went poo 7 times.

J.W. - Pensacola
September 7, 2003
I mowed the grass today and saw a feather from a small bird that died last month. We had watched it's parents raise it up and leave the nest. They were such a happy family. I don't know why it died. I found the small bird lying under the tree, it's mother was up on the fence watching it. Neither the mother nor the father bird has returned since that day.

Jane W - Toronto
September 6, 2003
Saw someone who looked remarkably like Jeff Harris at the Summerhill Liquor Store - though never having seen him in person I can not be sure... it would have helped if he had a camera slung over his shoulder.

Matt Eubank - Lethbridge
September 5, 2003
Tonight I dreamt of being a writer again. I'm done the first week of classes and already I'm filled with this total "fuck the world" attitude. All I want to do is get organic and forget it all. I was soo excited to get back to my Physics but now I sit in my 3-person classes bored as hell and wondering what the fuck any of this has to do with anything. Who fucking cares about rotation matrices??

Kevin Harris - chester le street
September 1, 2003
It all started at about 5:30am... Finn, my six week old son had to go to hospital for an emergency operation that had to be fitted in whenever. We got there at 8:00am and were told we'd be going in "around 30 mins from now". 12 hours of sitting on a metal chair later... Almost a whole day of his screaming for food we eventually went outside... I went to call the parents on mobile phone and when I switched it on it rang. It was the hospital "can we return to the ward?" About 35 seconds later we found that Finn needed a lot more surgery than previously thought. I returned him just in time for me to go to work, the night shift at 9:00pm. After work I returned to the ward. I relieved her of some bags and went home to sleep only to find I had also relieved her of her house keys... I couldn't leave the door open while I'm asleep and I unplugged the house phone as we still haven't rang round letting people know what's up... Why is it that some times thing just turn to such shite????

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