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Wai Yin - Toronto
August 31, 2003
My friend tried to set me up with her cousin. You know the first thing that came to my mind when she told me? That he has an apartment about two blocks away from my office. I could move in. Problem solved! Fuck a relationship. I need an apartment. Phew. And I thought my life was getting complicated.

Sarah - Singapore
August 29, 2003
My ex-roomate wants me to adopt his one-eyed neurotic cat because he is moving back to Germany. I know the cat loves me more than anyone in the world but I'm just not a cat person. (I never told the cat or my ex-roomate this).

*cmk* - seattle
August 27, 2003
As usual I had 4 shots of espresso before getting on the bus, and then the short cup'o'joe upon arrival at the workplace. To help the coffee go down I chowed on some super rich chocolate squares and a bag of popcorn. Someone finally made a new pot of coffee, which I am presently pouring into my giant Wonder Woman coffee holder (aka mug for heros). I have been having trouble sleeping lately.

Lindsay - Vancouver, BC
August 26, 2003
Today I came home from work early because I was feeling narcoleptic. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to find out what's going on.

Milli - Austin
August 25, 2003
I was sleeping at my Aunt and Uncle's home far away from mine. It was early in the morning and I woke from the most amazing dream I have ever had. The devil's servant was Donald Sutherland and God was a Native American in a beige plaid suit with a camera. That's all I will say for now.

Faustus - Ottawa
August 24, 2003
Today I heard Stan Rogers' "Barrett's Privateers" 5 times on CBC Radio! Is anybody even awake at CBC radio? Didn't anyone else notice? I e-mailed "This Morning" about it and the producer promptly replied that she "didn't know the song". Smart ass. Today I'm turning off the radio and buying a bunch of Elvis Costello CDs.

elsiette - Toronto, ON
August 23, 2003
I went to see the Jeff Harris exhibit at Pikto. A picture says a 1,642 words in Jeff's case! I feel like I've known him after the exhibit. A couple of pix from the 2001 series reminded me of my first love, Julian, who really broke my heart. And I cried but nevertheless I *loved* the exhibit. Brilliant!

Stacy - Corvallis, OR
August 22, 2003
"Do you want to be my girlfriend?" Jacob asked. This from the boy I didn't ever expect to hear this from. I chuckled. Then, I full out laughed. Then, I couldn't stop laughing. Maybe it was out of nervousness, but mostly it was just surprise. He looked hurt and all he said is, "I'm leaving. I have to go."

Erin - Ottawa
August 18, 2003
This is the second day of my hangover.

Anne - mississauga
August 14, 2003
This was the day the power went out. I felt like I was living in a vaccum - no contact with the outside world. No phone, no radio, it was weird... like living in the Twilight Zone... this became more evident as day turned into night.

Stellar - t-dot
August 12, 2003
Got my haircut by Ricardo today at Vidal Sassoon. He kept calling me the wrong name. I now look like Isodora meets Velvet Goldmine meets Ziggy Stardust!

Kat - Charlotte
August 11, 2003
Saw a couple having sex in the hallway corner of my office building. My skin felt prickly... like my body knew that I should share in the moment. I decided to go home for lunch that day.

Alanna - San Francisco
August 10, 2003
I've gotten into the habit of making monkey noises whenever I peel bananas. Sometimes I do it without realizing it. One of these days I'm going to accidentally do it around a co-worker or stranger... and that'll be just fine.

Matthew Pengelley - waterloo
August 7, 2003
Had a meeting with 2 profs with little to show even though I was up 'til 3:30am - no writing only images. I now have a week to complete the writing: A Case For Tensegrity, A Floating Architecture. Had a nap and woke with runny nose. Toronto a no go. I was sick, it was hot and Lynnette did not want to go. It wasn't worth the 3 hours of travelling by bus there and back, so I called Alan at his office and told him I couldn't make it to the opening and said "say hi to Jeff for me." Ate at Lotus with Lynnette - had fruit tea, curried tofu and iced Cappucinno. I feel better now and wonder if I should have gone to Toronto after all.

jeanet - haarlem, the netherlands
August 6, 2003
This week has been very hot... so tonight I was euphoric because of the rain. I stood in the town square in front of the cathedral, getting soaking wet, standing with my arms in the air yelling: shit! this is my good skirt!

Allan Cunningham - Edinburgh, Scotland
August 5, 2003
Today I fixed my toilet. It no longer drips and keeps me awake at night. I will be happy again.

Dozza - Vancouver, BC
August 4, 2003
My aunt reminded me that when I was really little, I used to put ketchup in my chicken noodle soup. I'm 36 now. How could I have forgotten that? I'll have to try it again.

tatty - toronto
August 2, 2003
Today's gonna be a good day. It's only 10:35 and already my boyfriend's taught me how to flash my tits without fully showing my nipples. After making love, I'm ready for the Carribana parade.

jason - ottawa
August 1, 2003
My sister got married today. I'm so jealous.

charysse - Toronto
July 31, 2003
Preface: I never win anything. Ever. I won tickets to a movie premier. At the movie there was a draw based on your ticket stub #. I was sitting @ the very back & had to walk all the way to the front to collect my prize when I won. It was dance lessons for 2. I gave them to my parents.

J - Incheon, Korea
July 28, 2003
I reorganized all the furnitures in my bedroom today. Now my bedroom looks very progressed and different, a bit weird though. I've decided to reorganize the furnitures at least once a month as I have a feeling that I can think more creatively and differently by doing this.

lucy ku - LA
July 26, 2003
Looking for housing sucks. Fuck UCLA.

Alexis - Denver, CO
July 22, 2003
Tonight my boyfriend went with his ex-wife by the demand of the Colorado courts to take parenting classes... In the meantime, my roommate and I went to the goth bar and played naughty scrabbled. I connected muffs and penis together. I rule. I got big points for that one and it landed on a triple word score!

Sally - Vancouver
July 20, 2003
My sister turned 19 today. It's weird because I'm two years younger, but in a lot of ways have always seemed like the older one. I kept watching her all day. She's an adult now. I hope she doesn't change. I love her so much.

Maria - Toronto
July 19, 2003
Today my friend and I signed a lease for our brand-spanking-new business! So the hard part begins now but this is sure a lot more fun than working to make some fat heartless company rich.

Elouise - London, UK
July 17, 2003
I have a tendency for engaging mouth before brain and today I asked a very overweight colleaque who was sitting at someone else's desk where that person might be... ending the question with a cheerful "Have you squashed her?". He pretended not to notice and I really didn't mean it. Note to self; think.

Alanna - San Francisco
July 16, 2003
I had a grocery store peach today and it was disappointing. Then I had a revelation that maybe since my bitter peach had been plucked from it's trees too soon, that maybe people are the same... I was born a month early and I'm kinda bitter.

Donna Martinez - Dallas
July 15, 2003
So far today I've had to deal with an auto mechanic, a bitter co-worker, a chronically late teenager and a friend who has the habit of interupting me when I speak. Looking ahead, I have one evening meeting scheduled and I have to continue working on my paper, "Albert Camus' The Myth of Sisyphus Revisited: The Absurd Man in the Films American Beauty and Fight Club." I'm working on my graduate degree in Humanities in case you were wondering. Oh, and I forgot to mention that my job is totally boring and that's why I'm here journaling.

daphne gordon - toronto
July 14, 2003
Remember that guy who made my body tingle everywhere? Today he left without saying goodbye.

Mysun - Oceanside
July 13, 2003
Today is my birthday. I ended up staying out all night. This would be fine except for my wife and baby were at home and I ignored them. I am a good husband and dad, but I am finding that I need some time to myself.

Jerome - Toronto
July 12, 2003
The alternator in my car was acting up, therefore I decided to bike to work this morning. On my way home I saw one of guys who killed my friend on Christmas Eve seven years ago. It doesn't seem that long ago. He was only 22 when he died. The two guys who killed him were 15-year-olds back then. I've been seeing one of them around the neighbourhood just few months after they took my friend's life. The Young Offender's Act - SUCKS! It's injustice. - Vanc
July 9, 2003
I decided to eat the remaining three cranberry muffins (out of the six pack I bought last night) for breakfast this morning. I kinda knew this was gonna be trouble later in the day but at the moment all I wanted was a cranberry muffin...

David Park - New York, NY
July 8, 2003
My dog bit me today. So I played dead for almost half an hour. I finally got his apology.

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