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n. - Bangalore, India
July 7, 2003
My company let go a guy that reports to me. I had given some feedback on his work over the last six months and it wasn't very positive. He deserved it but I still feel like crap.

Kevin Harris - Durham , England
July 4, 2003
Well today the hospital has said that she will be giving birth on the 10th, I'm so shitting myself.

NN - Toronto
July 1, 2003
My friend's boyfriend just died in a car crash over the long weekend ... her family didn't know about him and they are behaving like jerks. May he rest in peace wherever he is.

Willem - Stellenbosch, South Africa
June 30, 2003
My life is void. I realise that without a significant other I don't enjoy life...

Mike - Baltimore, MD
June 28, 2003
On my 49th birthday, I got the nicest present I can remember... my wife simply arranged for a year's worth of piano lessons. I've always wanted to play, but never made the time. Now I'm going to do it.

Amanda - Moline, IL
June 27, 2003
TGIF!!! It is my boyfriends 25th birthday tommorrow, how exciting is that? We have been together for 4 1/2 years and still no ring?? I am starting to wonder if he is ever going to ask me to marry him! I always say no rush, but I think it is time. We are even buying a house together... weird! Do I love him and does he love me? A question I think many of us wonder when we are in a relationship.

Nabila - Toronto
June 26, 2003
Finished high school today ... feel like everybody's ignoring me. I wanted to say goodbye to Mr. E. but could not. However did manage to have a very nice parting conversation with Mr. D. and felt appreciated again.

Mick - Dingle
June 24, 2003
My girlfriend and I had a discussion today about having kids. She wants them, but I'm not sure I do. This is a far-off issue, but it still feels oppressive. I told her I'm just worried, but that's not the real reason. The real reason is that I'm afraid I won't love them. Because I'm not sure I love anyone.

grace - minneapolis
June 23, 2003
Right now is the time when all the people I graduated with are coming back from school for the summer; we are all realizing how little we have to say to one another. It was only 2 semesters of college that separated us, but sometimes it feels like friends who used to be so close can't even carry a conversation. Most of my friends had sex during those two semesters. Amazing what a rift that three-letter word can create in a friendship.

Daniel Burke - Virginia Beach, VA
June 18, 2003
Danielle and Ethan seemed excited at church camp in North Carolina. They will probably get married some day, Lord willing.

charysse - toronto
June 17, 2003
I told some kid it was my birthday & how old I was turning. He said "there's no life after 20, all you've got left to look forward to now is death."

GEM - San Diego/Los Angeles
June 14, 2003
My graduation ceremony was a blur. Only the little things remain vivd: names called, flowers given, pictures taken. After it was all over, I drove home, bawling like mad. What am I gonna do now?

nichole - kansas city, mo
June 12, 2003
I had a job interview today. Driving home I was listening to music and spent a few seconds picturing myself in a movie performing a grand motorcycle stunt with the music as my soundtrack. You should try it, it was really fun.

Cande - Balitmore
June 9, 2003
I didn't feel like walking from my cubical to the bathroom so I brushed my teeth at my desk and spit in the trash can. My trash can is minty fresh.

Guert - Silicon Valley
June 8, 2003
Today I have an interview with a big smart company. I hope I get the job.

Suerynn Lee - Newtown, PA
June 7, 2003
I took SAT II for writing and I didn't have enough time to finish my essay. Oh well. It was a bad essay anyway.

Rose - Toronto
June 6, 2003
My great uncle died today while I sat watching "2 Fast 2 Furious". I feel guilty although nothing would have changed if I hadn't been in that movie theatre. he still would have died.

JF - Montreal, Canada
June 5, 2003
At work, they gave me an office. No one has a real office here. Everybody works with evrybody on the floor except me. I'm not that incredible or smart. So I close the door and do nothing. No one sees me. What's the point of doing things nobody notices? My daughter notices everything I do. I come home every night in an hurry.

MoniKA - CalGary
June 4, 2003
I needed a change of scenery. I decided to take a different route to work today and got lost but made it to work on time...refreshed.

Roy - Lowbanks
June 3, 2003
Lied to my mom, told her I finished mowing the lawn, but I didn't.

Stephanie - Vancouver Island, British Colu
June 2, 2003
I realized the man I love will never love me back. I do this way too often... I felt reckless and crazy so I pierced my nipples... my kids laughed at me for trying to be different.

MF - British Columbia, Canada
June 1, 2003
Five weeks to go until the birth of my first and only baby. Can't wait. I don't feel 'ultra feminine' or amazed that my body is carrying around a living being. Pregnancy is really hard... I want myself back.

Stephanie - Bow Island, AB
May 31, 2003
My daughter is chewing on an envelope. We have not left each other's sight for 12 hours. Now she is chewing on my toe.

Yuki - Winnipeg, Manitoba
May 30, 2003
I didn't take my afternoon painkiller and I'm still alive! And it's the weekend! Woo hoo!

Robyn - White Lake
May 29, 2003
Today it is raining. It rained the five days before today, and (according to the weather man) it's probably going to rain for five days after today too. It is so green here in the trees it doesn't even look real. You can hear the rain on the steel roofing. At least it's good for my plants.

Djuka - Lincoln, NE
May 28, 2003
I need a break. I am not just physically tired, but also psychologically tired. She let us out of summer class early today, just as I was looking for something to kill myself with. Only 33 days till Croatia.

Crystal - Calgary
May 27, 2003
It's so hot outside and I'm too ashamed of my winter layers to even put on a sleaveless shirt, instead I'll molt in the heat until I naturally lose 5 pounds due to dehydration. It's just another day, but I'll grasp it and make what I can from it... Pull a plastic grin tightly across your teeth and face the world! It is a great day after all.......

Ioannis Raftakis - Geneva, Switzerland
May 26, 2003
Waiting for the seconds becoming minutes and the minutes becoming hours. I will get tired, go to bed, wake up tomorrow, like I did today, like yesterday, like the day and the years before. Before sleeping, I'll take a look in the mirror to ask me once again, what the fuck I'm waiting for...

Jane - Austria
May 25, 2003
Just finished a book about pirates. When I was little I thought that being a pirate was a profession and that I could become one in college. A dream discarded dies hard.

Nick - Chicago, IL
May 23, 2003
I wasn't paying attention when eating my fortune cookie from lunch and ate the first part of the slip of paper. Now I don't know what the remainder means. "-our outstanding traits." I can't believe I did that. It's oddly depressing.

Crystal - Mobile
May 21, 2003
This was the day I had a seizure in my doctor's office and cut my head open on his counter big enough for 21 stitches. When they called my mom to tell her I was going to the hospital, they told her a had a "small cut." I now have permanent nerve damage.

Jeff - Colorado Springs
May 20, 2003
Saved my girlfriend $500 by changing her timing belt myself. My back hurts after being under the hood for 6 hours. Was it worth it?

Orhan - Singapore
May 19, 2003
Today Maya and I went to see the new Matrix. I had two beers, yellow M&M's and a big bucket of salted popcorn with butter during the commercials. Maya had water. We left twenty minutes into the movie. At home I spent an hour in the bathroom puking my guts out. We will go back next week to see the rest.

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