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Gail - London, England
May 17, 2003
I cleaned the house because I couldn't mow the lawn. Because it was raining as usual. I'm homesick again.

Isis - Halifax
May 16, 2003
I printed my taxes... joy.

karen - Alberta
May 10, 2003
I'm preparing for my daughter's sweet sixteen birthday party, and received a call that my mother in law has two days to live.

Elana - Raanana, Israel
May 8, 2003
I got banned from a community web group list for my reply to a post. Original poster asked for reccomendations for a caterer to provide kosher food for 25 guests at a wedding. The other guests would be eating nonkosher, catered by a friend of the groom's. I said, "Why set apart this large group of 25 people? Make the whole wedding kosher." My suggestion was interpreted as intolerant and offensive. What is Israel's future if it's incorrect to suggest a kosher wedding?

Oprean Sergiu - Timisora, Romania
May 7, 2003
Am povestit mult cu pritena mea, am mers la scoala, am sa ma duc la servici! Numele pritenei mele este Andreea si este o persoana deosebita!

Anna - Watertown
May 6, 2003
i got kicked out of school because I'm depressed. So, I went and cried in a near by cemetary for an hour then had to go back into school and pack up all my stuff...

Alanna Spence - San Francisco
May 5, 2003
After tediously sorting through too many hair products, I told the man at the beauty supply store that there were too many choices. He looked me in the eyes and asked: "Would you prefer no choices at all?" He told me that our whole lives are full of choices and we must try as many things as we like until we find the thing that suits us. I wonder if he could tell it's not just beauty product decisions I'm having trouble with lately. I think I will buy my hair products through him from now on.

Kirsten - Fairbanks Alaska
May 4, 2003
I decided I am going to leave this town no matter how hard it might be. I am scared, and I don't know how, but I will make it happen. Sometimes I berate myself for being afraid to really live life.

Paige Temperley - Clinton
May 3, 2003
Today was my 17th birthday! To celebrate, I went to my highschool prom with some great friends. The theme was "Love in Paris." The dance was beautiful.

Erkka Piirainen - Jyväskylä, Finland
May 2, 2003
I helped my friend to move. It was a disaster, she had packed everything in paperbags. Not fun at all.

Nina - Norwalk, CT
May 1, 2003
When am I going to stop working for idiots?

Irene - Boston
April 30, 2003
Today is my last day at work. They threw a luncheon for me and another co-worker that's also leaving. We're having a get together WITH CHAMPAGNE at 4:30pm. Why do they want me to drink and drive?

Allana - Ottawa, ON
April 29, 2003
I tried not to strangle my co-workers today. I succeeded!

Ian - Vancouver, BC
April 27, 2003
I never fully realized the depth of missing someone until today. Having someone far away from you... seemingly eons beyond your reach. It stings with a pain unbearable, especially when you and that person know that both of you were meant to spend your days together.

Jack Julian - Halifax, NS
April 26, 2003
Threw out my old sofa today. The one we bought at that great 2nd-hand store in Thunder Bay. Got my neighbour Kyle out of his sick-bed to help move it to the street. He's a true friend.

Elizabeth - Hamilton, Ontario
April 25, 2003
My divorce is offical today - whoo hoo! No more waiting to see what stupid response the ex's lawyer faxed to delay to process yet again. Champagne & gourmet dinner with my best friends and my new love. Lesson learned: listen to screaming intuition.

Yuen - Hong Kong
April 24, 2003
I spent all day in my apartment because of the SARS (Severe Accute Respiratory Syndrome) epidemic here in Hong Kong. Nobody can do anything about it.

Norman - Boston
April 22, 2003
Two days after Easter... went to the chapel this morning. I was the only one there... it could hold maybe 500 people. Made me wonder... where are people praying? Iraq scared the hell out of us... it's sort of over. Does that mean we stop praying, or giving thanks?? Go figure.

Claire - LA
April 21, 2003
The sun is shining and I am full of life. Skipping out on class. I understand my parents pay upwards of $150 an hour for this education but I will BURST in lecture. Climbing a big hill / little mountain that we call Fiji and playing my violin as loudly as I can because I need to see the world around me and be in awe and shout out to it. Have you read Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness? You should. And then we should discuss this social construction of personage. And then we should go play our violins on top of mountains.

Louise - Taipei
April 20, 2003
Wasted all day today. The baseball teams I support lost. Tons of work not done. Feel that I need some consolation. I don't know. Today's my roommate's birthday, but I just faintly said a happy birthday and did nothing even didn't speak a word all day. A typhoon is coming to hit here.

Stacy - Portland, OR
April 19, 2003
I told my ex-boyfriend that I had an abortion. He called me a liar and hung up on me -- reminding me why I dumped him. Thanks asshole.

Kara Harris - Nelson, BC
April 17, 2003
I'm 4 days overdue, and quietly and methodically anticipating the birth of my first child. My day was spent painting furniture pure white while whispering delicate words in the general direction of my swollen belly, in hopes to coax my baby into this world.

Jane - Leeds, UK
April 16, 2003
The police came to the door at 10pm (routine enquiries). I was just out the bath, wrapped in a towel. Policewoman asked if I'd like to go and get dressed. For some reason I said "No, its OK, just pretend we're at the beach"...

Brad Shoup - Austin, TX
April 15, 2003
I'm half done with my undergrad career and I'm doubting I can ever hit the one goal that made me an English major. I just don't think I have the discipline to be a writer. I didn't have the discipline to do more than 55 sit-ups in my kinesiology class today, either. Maybe that's what's stealing my assurance.

D'Arcy Finley - Fraser Island, Queensland
April 14, 2003
Access to the Internet here costs a fortune. Becky and I are on the eastern beach of Fraser Island -- Happy Valley Resort to be exact -- fueling up before we continue camping on this island-made-of-sand. We saw tiger sharks patrolling the waters below Indian Head, bathed in the Champagne Pools below Waddy Point, hiked into Lake Wabby (where a tourist was found two hours prior, dead for two years!), and rocketed our Suzuki Sierra over dunes and along one-lane roads... The highlight was spending 6 uninterrupted hours at the white-sand enveloped Lake Beerabeen. We had it to ourselves all morning before the backpackers arrived. The dingoes are around, but not as threatening or hungry as the papers had us believe. Driving on the beach is fantastic, careening over washouts and flying by fishermen and gigantic waves. This, like so many other places in Australia, has exceeded my expectations. Perfect weather always helps... I must admit that, at times, I'd love to have some way to check the hockey scores though. Go Canucks!

Sophie Lark - Aberdeen
April 13, 2003
I spent a lazy day on the overstuffed couch listening to the quiet drone of the announcer on the tube doling out the play by play at The Master's. A nice way to digest a lovely lunch of homemade crabcake, er um... Freedom Fries, and potatoe salad, with a chilled glass of Pabst: all prepared especially for me. Hmmm....ya think I'm spoiled?

Ashley Lynn - Minneapolis, MN
April 12, 2003
i didn't know, until today, that having fun could be so exhausting. My friend and I spent the afternoon at the art museum relating everything we saw to our art history class. Then we were asked to be in a movie and turned them down because we were hungry. On the way home, I took pictures. I want to be worthy of the title 'photographer'. Also, life is more fun in a dress!

Me - San Francisco, CA
April 11, 2003
A supposed friend of mine told the guy I'd begun dating that I use drugs. It's true, but she told him in a malicious gossipy way because she decided she liked him and wanted him for herself. Now he's dating her and I'm sitting here doing drugs.

Petunia - Hopkins
April 10, 2003
Today was our second lacrosse game of the season. Last year we were second in state, and were basically amazing. We lost 20-1 today, and played a team that was brutal and soooo mean (not to mention WAY illegal). Today is no good and this season is no good. Maybe we should get a goalie that has played lacrosse before...

Sara - Newport News, VA
April 8, 2003
My mother-in-law told me what her e-mail password was so that I could look into the problems she was having with it. Now, if you saw 30 e-mails from the same person, you would think it was spam, right? Of course I read one to find out what was going on. What a shock - she is having an affair. What a moron she is for giving me her password. Now what am I supposed to do? Tell her I know everything? I really don't need to know this at all...

Becky Peters - Columbia, MO
April 7, 2003
Today my brother left for Kuwait. He called me last night and told me. We knew he'd be leaving since February but hoped it wouldn't happen. I called in sick because of war.

Ian Wojtowicz - Perth
April 5, 2003
I lay on the sand next to Kathryn, staring at the stars and the lightning. The waves exploded at our feet. Deafening.

Don Belyea - Toronto
April 4, 2003
SARS - That got your attention, didn't it? Wish I could have typed sex instead. I'm 15 hours into my 16 hour shift at Ambulance Headquarters - I owe my new job and overtime to the craziness that is SARS. I'm working 16 hours again tomorrow, the building I'm in is in lock down mode, no SARS here. What happens when I get on the crowded bus to go home and some guy coughs on me?

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