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Helen - Portland
April 2, 2003
Took a road trip. I loved him. Russled his hair and took a picture. Gradually turned down the radio, notch by notch so I could listen to him, sing along.

Gary - Redlands, CA
March 31, 2003
When I got to work, I learned that my best and favorite client relapsed. For a beginning therapist in the realm of drug and alcohol recovery, this was equivalent to client suicide. When I found out, I left work, sat in my car, and wept.

Colin MacKenzie - Halifax, NS
March 29, 2003
Went on a blind date with a girl. I had no idea what she looked like. As I saw her coming down the stairs from here apartment I thought, "Yeah, I can do this!"

Daniella - Mayerthorpe
March 28, 2003
I partied with rockstars... and staring up at the dim lights on the tour bus I was thinking, "this can't be happening, the drugs must be taking effect."

Jennifer McMahon - Liverpool, England
March 26, 2003
Today I was on a train on its way back from Wales, but I missed my connection in Crewe due to falling asleep on the table and ended up in Manchester. I was meant to meet my boyfriend at Liverpool train station, but because I was alseep I never contacted him to tell him I would be over an hour late. He wasn't happy.

JP - Herndon, Va
March 24, 2003
As men and women fight and die in the deserts and streets of Iraq, I sit here at work -- not a damn thing to do -- and consider the relative merits of artificial sweeteners. I have not found one yet that doesn't give you that gacky chemical cotton mouth after-taste. So when I go down to the corporate cafeteria to get my (discounted) Starbucks, I use one sugar and 1/2 a packet of Equal. War war go away...

Candice - Edmonton, AB
March 23, 2003
I kicked my roommate out of my apartment today, after catching her reading my diary. Fuck her for knowing secrets that I have yet to tell the man I will marry. Fuck her for reading into my soul.

Francine - Syracuse N.Y.
March 19, 2003
At 12:54am I gave birth to a baby boy named Harrison. His adoptive parents Ed and Gordon not only have baby Harry but also my twin girls (who were born in September 2000). The guys held my hands through the birthing process and my best friend Lisa watched my oldest son whom I am widowed with. I fed baby Harry his very first bottle at 5:00am and hopped into my bed trying to ready me and my firstborn for the long emotional rollercoaster ahead of us. MAY THE LORD BE WITH US.

Kevin Harris - Durham, England
March 18, 2003
I had an accident at work today. While moving a 70 stone pallet of paper up a slight ramp, I slipped and the wheels of the trolley ran up then down my big toe. My nail went black in 20 minutes... I don't want to look at it again. OWWWWWWWWWWW

Jane Berg - Vancouver, BC
March 17, 2003
Aujourd'hui, j'ai oublié dans quelle ville j'étais.

Perze - Norristown, PA
March 15, 2003
I woke up and my eyes aren't as puffy as yesterday. Clarinex is finally kicking in!

Lyrae - Montreal
March 14, 2003
We met again in Detroit. I finally found the club and went backstage. He came in after me and hugged me. We stood outside after the show and he wouldn't stop looking at me. Just gazing. I felt shy. When I asked him why he told me I was beautiful. I wanted to die, explode, melt, shiver, burn. We would both later masturbate alone in our separate hotel rooms.

Berni - Minneapolis
March 12, 2003
Today I was transfered from the hospital to transitional care / physical rehab. This broken leg thing really sucks. What a way to spend my birthday. I will miss my son's birthday tomorrow, too.

Joseph Thomas - Thrissur, Kerala, India
March 8, 2003
Today I've seen two movies at Babu uncle's house. Moulin Rouge and From Dusk 'til Dawn. Oh, what a voice is Nicole's!!! Today I recorded two songs in the sing along studio. One is LIonel Richie's "Hello" and the other is Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight". And i got a compliment from the studio owner. Hmm... Was a great day...

Tammy - Newcastle, England
March 7, 2003
Tried to fix a hoover today, took me a whole hour and then my boyfriend came in from work and fixed it in five minutes. What a bastard.

Coleen Whitaker - Bel Air, MD
March 6, 2003
Car broke... in the shop. But... my legs work fine. So I walked to the grocery instead of the usual drive. It's close. Wondered why I don't walk it all the time? Can't buy too much because I can only carry so much. Wonder why they don't let me bring my dog?

Annie Ehrlich - Vancouver
March 1, 2003
We wrote a really bad song this morning about my friend James, then woke him up and serenaded it to him. He laughed.

Jack - Winnipeg, MB
February 28, 2003
My friend Jeff was drinking with friends one night, he walked home in the freezing cold, and never made it. My mom phoned me to tell me he died. When we hung up I sat hugging my teddy bear crying, finally, my brother hugged me. That was the first time he's ever really hugged me. Then I went into my basement to listen to Eric Clapton's 'Tears In Heaven', man I hate that song.

Thatcher - Des Moines, IA
February 25, 2003
I have a incredible ache in the pressure point between my head and right shoulder. Maybe it's a tumor. Probably not, I'm sure it's just an ache.

Alanna Spence - San Francisco
February 20, 2003
I woke up this morning fearfully imagining what my life would be like if I ever lost Tom... and what it's like now that he's in my life. I must be the luckiest person on the planet. I kissed his neck a thousand times as he attempted to sleep and he made his little cooing noises. I felt like if I kissed him any more I might just accidentally devour him.

Joanne - Kitchener
February 19, 2003
I took my mother for a pedicure. It was her first because she doesn't often do nice things for herself. I couldn't bring myself to tell her I only want a small wedding, with none of her friends there. That would have spoiled the magic of her perfect pink toes.

Julia - New York City
February 18, 2003
Just got back from a butter-soaked latke breakfast with good friends. Tuned them out only briefly to watch the blizzard outside. Think we'll go out to play.

eleanor - London
February 17, 2003
I decided I need to lose some weight... for myself. Not for my boyrfriend or parents or anyone but ME. I went out in the wet cold to go for a jog. It felt DAMN good when I came back. Then I ate a satisfying breakfast to treat myself... note: satisfying but still healthy.

Robert A - Nashville, TN
February 14, 2003
I woke up feeling bloated. I had severe gas. Simithicone could not put a dent in it. I had so much gas it hurt my back. I began to think about inventions I could create to stick into my rectum to relieve my gas. My wife considered divorcing me. My child giggles insanely.

Mike McCabe - Fernie. B.C
February 13, 2003
Snow fell from the sky in unprecedented proportions, some friends and I skied endless, bottomless powder for days on end, and then woke up with a severe case of frostbite.

Erik Vecchione - Chicago
February 7, 2003
My wife and I walked through a tunnel filled with discarded syringes in Naples on the way to the Capodimonte Art Museum.

Omunene - San Francisco
February 2, 2003
I was in New Orleans and I went to see a spiritualist named Cherrylette Hilton who practiced candomblé and other black arts. I was lying on my back on a low wooden table and the Reverend Hilton was sitting just behind my head where I couldn’t see her, holding my head in her hands. After a very long silence, she said something I could not understand to Toy Tommy Brown, a small, mute white boy who had been standing off to the side of the room. Without speaking, he came over to me, slipped one hand under my shirt, and pressed it slowly against my bare chest. At his touch, I could distinctly smell freshly-turned soil. He never spoke, but I distinctly heard him say “Il méprise la mort.”

Christian - Edmonton
January 28, 2003
376 days ago she went home to Australia after we had been dating for only 2 weeks. The long distance thing wasn't always easy but today I walked off a plane in Sydney to find her waiting for me at the gate. She never stopped loving me and I'll never stop loving her. I don't have to count the days anymore.

Tim - Harrogate, England
January 27, 2003
Heard from a girl who only wants to be friends. We had too much in common to be more, we'd have had nothing to argue about. Should be pissed off, but i've made a great friend. Life's about perspectives.

Ben Anderson - Osaka, Japan
January 26, 2003
Another day of broken english that is further confusing to the engrish that i speaking usual at home. Do all english teachers have this problem??

Steve - Toronto
January 25, 2003
Today i learned about honesty, respect and integrity. I learned that even if you possess and practice each, you are still vulnerable and at risk of forgetting all three and their links to each other. I hurt the person closest to me and now i am struggling, choking, paying the highest price. Life lived but will I learn? All i know is that we're all human, clear thinking escapes us at the best and worst of times.

Stacia - Portland, OR
January 24, 2003
Sometimes I just get in the mood to buy stuff. The problem is that I don't need anything at this moment. Yeah, I could buy a car, but I wouldn't really use it. Yeah, I could buy some clothes, but I have an abundance. I could buy a lot of stuff, but I don't need "stuff"... And I'm really cheap. But that's not new. Today I saw these really cute mugs at the coffee shop on campus. I looked through all of them and I couldn't decide which I wanted. They're white and have bright colors on the inside. The sayings are too cute, with "Have a rainbow day!" and "Reach for the stars!" I couldn't decide which one I wanted so I bought all six. I'm a dork. Now, they'll go into storage for a few years until I actually need them.

Doug W. - Edmonton, Alberta
January 23, 2003
I'm freezing my ass off (-37C wind chill) and I'm wishing I still lived in Toronto so I could take Jeff's pic. Hi.

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