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Aaron - Montreal
January 20, 2003
Woke up and had a banana split for breakfast. I think if you did this everyday you would get diabetes and die. Couldn't see straight for an hour. Made plans to gather a child army and feed them sugar to whip them into a killing frenzy. That was the sugar talking. Sugar is bad. Child armies are bad. Don't eat banana splits for breakfast.

Frederik Stone Pedersen - Dublin, Ireland
January 15, 2003
I bought a new guitar. I had been wanting this for a long time. When I got it I didn't feel very happy.

Frederick Morlely - Vancouver, B.C.
January 14, 2003
On this day I had my first training run since my heart surgery June 21, 2002. It was a short run... run a block, walk two, run a block etc. But, it was so good to know that I can now train up for the Vancouver half marathon in May even if I still have to walk part of it.

Paul Hayes - Sydney, Australia
January 11, 2003
I went to the movies and a trailer came on for another movie. It seemed like a really long, boring trailer until I realised I was in the wrong cinema.

jane - walker
January 7, 2003
I was asleep in the backseat of my mom's car, and all of a sudden I heard a loud thud. It was a deer, we had hit a deer. I felt really bad for the deer. It just wanted to cross the road and a stupid car had to hit him, and steal his life away. I don't think I will ever forget that day. I really hope that deer went to heaven, if there is a heaven. That is what happened to me, I mean the deer, or whatever.

Tos Winsome - Walnut Creek, California
January 1, 2003
My daughter stopped speaking to me.

Kevin Harris - Durham, England
December 30, 2002
Went to work, finished early, suffering form a case of bad shits, drinkin', playin' on medal of honour, listening to the album "The Streets". Currently wastin' time until she stops whatching daft soaps on TV.

Rebekah - Ventura, CA
December 28, 2002
I went to Massachusetts to meet my boyfriends family, the first girlfriend he ever brought home. I was extremely nervous. He was too, but for a different reason. They were all very nice. Tim's mom took him upstairs shortly after we arrived and then they called his dad up and I was left alone in the kitchen with his younger sister, also Rebecca... strange. I decided they hated me or something to that effect. Later they took my daughter out shopping and we were alone at last. We made love in his room. I was bugging him about why they had all gone upstairs. He asked me to marry him, I was shocked. I said yes. We've been together 3 months yet I know we are perfect for each other.

Eman - Manila, Philippines
December 24, 2002
It was the worst day of my life... Christmas Eve and I decided to give my crush a gift. Know what? She didn't accept it... for no reason at all. My life sucks big time.

Jim - Tracy
December 20, 2002
It's 5:30. Everyone else is gone but I'm still at work. There's nothing to go home to.

Lynn - Sunnyvale
December 14, 2002
Having a company party to attend in the evening, I spent the early part of the day primping. Then the power went out while I was having my hair cut. It could have been a bad omen, but it wasn't. I had a great time at the party.

Alan - St Paul, Minnesota
December 11, 2002
Spent a very boring day at work. Supper with my partner Randy and the felineboys Oliver & PK. Spoke with my production manager Lenore about the upcoming production of Godspell I will be directing... worried about not having a rehersal pianist yet... it will all fall into place...

Westchester - Somewhere over the Rainbow
December 10, 2002
It has just been one of those days. Nothing exactly has gone wrong, but nothing is making me especially happy. So I ate peppermint stick ice cream out of the carton, that helped... a little.

Dan Golden - Longview, TX
December 5, 2002
My very first tattoo has started peeling. Since I have no idea what they're supposed to look like, I've been checking it every 15 minutes with the concern of a new parent hoping I don't end up with a genetic abnormality.

Colleen - Newport News, VA
December 4, 2002
My husband was supposed to leave for the desert today (Saudi). He got delayed 2 weeks. He'll be gone for 6 months. We are having a brand new house built and it will be ready when he comes back. I'm sad he is leaving but excited to have a home we can call our own. I have to drive to Boston to spend X-mas with my father. I am excited to go, but the ride sucks. Sometimes I wish I was back in Arizona.

Alan - Sherwood Park
November 29, 2002
Today I turned twenty-six! I'm looking forward to a quiet Sabbath night -- just me, my girlfriend, and my guitar. It's been a long time since I took the time...

Liz - Nashville, Tennessee
November 28, 2002
Today, my mother died. Then we ate lunch. A lady from our church brought the food and did the dishes. I went to sleep and when I woke up, the hospice people were there to take away the medical bed. They said they were sorry and I didn't say anything.

Mark Brennan - St. Louis
November 27, 2002
I proposed to my girlfriend tonite right before dinner. She said yes. My whole life is different since meeting her. I used to be angry a lot. People used to worry about me. Now I'm not angry and people worry less. I love my life, I love my fiance.

Dan Golden - Longview, TX
November 23, 2002
I lost my virginity today. To a great friend who will remain just that and nothing more. How annoying.

Carol - Sacramento
November 20, 2002
I posted my first personal Web site on the WWW. What a thrill!

Cat - Vancouver
November 16, 2002
I saw a security guard at a bank cheerfully open the door for a burly man in a black kilt-like skirt. I also bought two pairs of shoes.

Amy - Toronto
November 15, 2002
I think I am getting repetitive strain syndrome from playing too much FreeCell on my computer during classes.

Michelle Harris - Brisbane, Australia
November 11, 2002
Michael got back from his month long trek in Nepal. The one thing he brought back was a mask of the Hindu god of Prosperity and Wisdom, Ganesh. It's a red elephant's head with a third eye. Since that day everything in our personal and professional lives has turned out eerily fantastic. We're not superstitious, but each time something good happens, we say "Thank you, Big Red Head."

D'Arcy Finley - Toronto, ON
November 9, 2002
We paddled down the Ganaraska River near Welcome, Ontario. Most of the extraordinarily large fish had died already, so the odor was fierce. Later we napped, and then ate cinnamon-coated popcorn, sat by the fire, and read the Globe and Mail. I threw a "ringer" in a game of Horseshoes.

Heather Matthes - Orlando, FL
November 8, 2002
Today I turned 18. I can now buy cigarettes and lottery tickets.

Bo - Sarasota
November 7, 2002
Sitting in classroom + 3 hour lecture + data structures / displeasure = ! fun

Ethan - Hayward, CA
November 6, 2002
Today I heard from a friend of mine that I have known since Junior High and have not seen in a couple of years. She told me she had been diagnosed with brain cancer. All I want to do is think of ways to make her laugh. What I worried about yesterday was total bullshit...

Craig Roberts - Vancouver
November 3, 2002
After consoling a friend who is getting rocked by his general surgery rotation combined with a disappointing outcome to a love possibility the night before, my beautiful fiance and I visited an open house on the leafy west side of Vancouver. What depresses me is that there is no affordable first buyer homes available in this ridiculously expensive city.

Jessica - Port Hope
November 2, 2002
In Port Hope I write and write and write. There is something about the place. There is something about returning to your parent's home and seeing what has not changed. There is something about being surrounded by everything that was once so familiar and now appears strangely new due to your absence and distance from it. There is something about rediscovering your childhood and the place where you became you.

Erin - Ottawa
November 1, 2002
I am kind of sick from candy.

Delta Whiskey - Fredericksburg, VA
October 31, 2002
I slept with my boyfriend of 6 years (who is 32 years older than I) and realized that it was time for us to break up even though we're still in love.

Ryan - Toronto
October 29, 2002
I'm tired. I had a bad sleep on the couch, the cat pee'd on my bed.

Casey Rae - Norwalk, CT
October 28, 2002
I was talking on the phone to my parents back in Louisiana and my mom was laughing because my dad had caught an armadillo in a net and it was jumping around...

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