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Hillary - Columbus, USA
October 26, 2002
I was living far from home. My boy back home wrote me a letter saying that being with me was the thing in life that gave it meaning. He broke up with me in a nasty fight a few months later. It's weird how you can lose sight of everything in a sleep-deprived rage.

Amy - Toronto
October 23, 2002
Today I wrote a Statistics midterm. I think I did pretty well. Some people didn't finish. Then I went home and took a nap on the couch. Then I studied for my Economics final the next day. Exams are a drag.

Sophoan S. - Stockton, CA
October 22, 2002
I wrote a song today, called "Heavenly Father." I never thought that it would take me almost four years, for that to happen. Maybe I never took time to think. Then, that moment came, and a tune just popped. Now, I can sit on my piano bench and jam, to a song that's totally mine.

Christopher Collins - Toronto
October 19, 2002
I ended my first long-term relationship. Thinking I would never get over it, I came home to the apartment, and a closet 1/2 empty. His stuff was gone. I wept.

Sushi Wellington - Vancouver
October 16, 2002
The dentist took a an x-ray of my side profile. I sat quietly while he showed me my jaw. I could see my skull, minus my lips, nose, ears and skin. And, all I could think is: this is what I will look like when I am dead.

Elizabeth - Hamilton, Ontario
October 14, 2002
This morning I drove back from my in-law's cottage. The pitch and roll of their mini-van made me a bit car sick, but I was fine by lunch.

Sarah - Dublin
October 13, 2002
Spent the day worshiping the porcelain gods after eating questionable chicken salad. Surfed the net. Found this site. Read it.

Marcia - Portland
October 10, 2002
Today I lay down on a carpet of yellow oak leaves. My body firmly planted, above me my lover, a canopy of trees, and the blue sky. I was caught between heaven and earth, suspended between the beginning of time and that moment, deeply intertwined with another soul and understanding a mutual depth of pleasure. I was wearing white.

Shon - Atlanta
October 9, 2002
I turned 30 and completely freaked out. I was better the next day.

Stella - Sydney, Australia
October 8, 2002
I came back from a five month trip overseas. My family didn't know I was returning. I watched my mothers face change from an expression of non-recongnition, to shock, to disbelief. And finally happiness.

Steven James May - Halifax, Canada
October 4, 2002
I meditated on the driveway of the home where my teenage anti-hero, Kurt Cobain, killed himself.

Robyne - Lancaster, PA
October 3, 2002
It was my birthday. I was working in the wood shop and I stuck a 1 1/4 inch chisel into the palm of my hand. I went to emergency room and got stitches. Afterwards I went back to the shop and got knocked on my behind from a piece of kicked back wood from the table saw. I noticed my stomach was bleeding so I went back to the ER. It sucked as far as birthdays go.

Rob - New York
September 30, 2002
I have spent the last year and a half with an angel. She is the most special person in my life. In a few hours I will sit down with her on a bench in Central Park, kiss her for the last time, and tell her that I lied and cheated on her. She will probably never talk to me again. I can feel the growing cold inside. Bring on the winter.

Patrick Gibson - Vancouver
September 29, 2002
I bought a new pair of shoes.

E.G. Mann - Palma Mallorca, Spain
September 20, 2002
A group of women wearing plastic penises on their heads, lapels, and groins came into the restaurant where I was having my birthday dinner. Apparently the one with the penis on her head was getting married the next day. The fish soup was very good.

Peff - Pefferlaw, Ontario
September 19, 2002
I finally got my G2 driving licence. I can drive without my parents which is X L ANT

Dallas - Edmonton
September 16, 2002
Another 50 hour un-paid practicum work week is behind me. I had to ask my mom for money to buy deodorant ans toothpaste. Student life is fun.

Nat - Moscow
September 15, 2002
I was at a book fair. In a court yard of a temple sang a youth chorus. I stopped to listen to them, then someone handed me the text with notes so I joined them, and you know what..? It's always pleasant to be a spectator, but it is even more pleasant to be an executor.

veerawat sootsuwan - Bangkok
September 12, 2002
I drove my car and crashed a tree beside the road..... Boom!!! Ate some sandwishes and slept in the afternoon.

srinivas - bombay, india
September 6, 2002
New Play Station2 arrived from Singapore, but I can't afford the original games. Went to this crazy junk dealer in Musafir Khana. Not sure if I wanted to let a 50 year old man take my new PS2 apart. But I dared... his scrawny assistant pulled it apart with super finnese and soldered a chip thru the board. Wow! It runs the 100 rupee game CDs now... Bombay is killer... you can find ANYTHING here... any bloody thing. It never ceases to amaze me.

Fred - Vancouver
September 5, 2002
I learned today that I can not run until January 2003. So I will walk as far and as fast as I can until 2003 when I can run again.

Don Belyea - Seoul, Korea
September 1, 2002
Today was my birthday, it's also my 3rd day in Korea. I thought I would celebrate on my own, not knowing anyone. Watching 2 Korean buskers playing guitar for a big crowd, I'm the only white face in the throng of maybe 400 people. Of course I get called up to the front, and I end up singing LaBamba in front of a crowd of people who speak no english... Pretty memorable birthday, I have to say.

Amber - Toronto
August 29, 2002
I turned 30 and didn't die right at midnight. The last 10 years I found love, lost it, and recovered a couple of times and I made a lot of friends, and picked up a couple of languages while wandering slowly around the globe. No matter where I went from 1st world to 3rd world countries I found that although environments were different, emotions were the same everywhere. There were no big answers anywhere but here in my own head. Often I walk forward but face backwards while wincing, hoping I don't step in something bad or drop off of a cliff. Today I finally understand that I'd be better off to look down at the spot that i'm standing. That's what I learned somewhere between my first and 946080000th second of life. It's a simple lesson that took so long for me to learn but I sometimes forget and must stop and relearn.

Ko Ho Yin - Toronto
August 25, 2002
I saw two houses collapse. The first was a barely finished one across the street, and the front fell off. Another was a block down, and clearly visible. The entire front half was destroyed. Television news from CTV and Rogers arrived 10 minutes later. My cousin took some pictures. This was because of a wind storm.

Sarah - Sacramento, CA
August 24, 2002
I kissed Josh for the last time today. I read my old journals. He is the 3rd man I have broken up with on August 24th. It is not my day.

Tim - New Jersey
August 20, 2002
I have less than ten dollars in my checking account. If you need a five spot, let me know.

(anonymous) - --
August 17, 2002
I found out my Mom had the rarest form of breast cancer. I ran a hot bath and soaked while I compiled a list in my head of everyone else I wanted to die before her.

Jills and Shan-on - Cobourg
August 16, 2002
OMG this day was the best b/c first of all Shan's dad was kind enough to let me stay in Toronto wit Shan for a few days... Then on friday we got to see Jeff which was GREAT b/c he's so koo and he gave me the best pic of Avril Lavigne... then we were walking down Yonge Street when 2 guyz stopped us and asked us if we wanted to introduce a video for MTV and of course we said yes so Shan got to introduce "I'd do anything" by Simple Plan and I got to introduce "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne which was totally blew our minds... then when we thought the day couldn't get n-e-better we went to EC and we were on camera a lot and shan got asked a question but then it all got soooooo much better b/c RICK CAMPENELLI came out and talked to us just to US and then he got his pic with both of us WE GOT TO TOUCH RICK FROM MUCHMUSIC HOW SWEET IS THAT? lol... and we could not stop screaming... So that is why that was the best days of our lives.... so far. lol

Eileen - Singapore
August 15, 2002
Today I lost my job. My boss asked me into his office and just told me to leave. And for the next 24 hrs I was in a stunned mode. I had never been fired in my life. It was awful

Cat - Chattanooga, TN
August 11, 2002
i woke up at 2:35 in the morning to the smell of smoke. My house in St. Elmo was on fire. I called emergency 911 twice. My house mate Fenn left a candle burning. Now I live downtown and I have a brand new bed the doctors I work for bought for me.

Brent - New Westminster
August 8, 2002
A glass of wine.. a bag of pistachios and a douglas coupland novel.. a night in paridise? or a cry for help.. no offense douglas..

Jerralyn - Chilliwack, BC
August 6, 2002
After the BC Long Weekend, I spent the majority of this day locating a dentist in Chilliwack who was not on vacation. A broken tooth, casuality of a bowl of holiday ice cream, needed to be seen to, with probable expensive crown results. An ex-partner emailed in the midst of this and the ache in the neck compensated for the gashly pulsing gap in my mouth. Like Chilliwack Marie, I wonder if single life will continue or dates will transpire...

Jamal - San Antonio
August 5, 2002
I ate at a very expensive restaurant today by myself and felt great about it.

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