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gallon garrard - fuquay-varina
June 16, 2002
Today I ran in fear from my front door to my truck with a baseball bat because there is a lot of crime where I live and this lady down the street just got mugged while she was watering her garden. I think I'll move soon

Michelle - Phoenix
June 15, 2002
My 3 1/2-year-old cheered and clapped for me because I "fixed" the lamp... changing a light bulb does wonders. Father's Day is tomorrow. My 28th birthday is approaching. My 10 year class reunion is approaching.

Keith Price - Brooklyn (Williamsburg), NY
June 13, 2002
I heard today that everyone in our company making less than 200k a year is getting a 5% pay cut effective immediately. No one has told me directly, but I heard it was coming. I'm always on the sinking ship. Why can't I just do my job?

Seth - Seattle, WA
June 12, 2002
I was trying to finish fixing the garage door, when my car parked in the driveway suddenly honked at me. My two-and-a-half year-old son had crawled up and over and into the open window onto the driver's seat and was making his accomplishment known. I was quite proud.

caz h - Warrington UK
June 11, 2002
up early to leave for work, the excitement is building countrywide for the world cup tomorrow (England V Nigeria). It's going to be the least busy rush hour in the history of UK mankind. Started off beautifully sunny (always does when I'm working) then got a bit rainy as usual. Roll on tommorrow....

laurel - St. Paul, MN
June 10, 2002
I woke up this morning to a terrible dream. In it my dad was drunk and having a heart attack. He was not letting me help him, just saying, "I'm having a heart attack!" over and over. Thank god it was just a dream.

Patrick - Melbourne Beach
June 9, 2002
Did my first triathlon today, second out of the water...and then about $100,000 worth of bikes passed me by. Seems time does equal money.

Helen - Brasov
June 8, 2002
The school year is almoust finished. I'll have to take an exam at english and i'm very exciting. I want you to wish me luck! Today I have to make 27 projects and I'm also happy because... my boyfriend loves me very much and it shows it every day!!!

Blitz - San Francisco
June 7, 2002
Got up around 5:30, Linda said the dogs were looking up into the plum tree at something. When I went outside at first I didn't notice anything but after focusing I made out a possum sittting real still in a crook of the plum tree. It was eyeballing the pool I imagine 'cause it's been hotter then usual here. Probably needed a drink. Linda wanted me to call Animal Control to come out and get the thing but I filled a pan of water and left it near the tree for the possum.

Beth - Western Pennsylvania
June 6, 2002
Today someone stole and burned our car. My son is worried that someone will come back. It breaks my heart to see him upset.

Donald Sargent - Columbus, OH
June 5, 2002
whacked off today , and it was good as usual.

Pete - Atlanta
June 4, 2002
Well, it sometimes feels good to goof off and take advantage of corporate america. Yesterday when I was shopping in Walmart I watched this old lady stocking the shelves. She had to be 60+. It was sad to think that when I get to be 60 I will be doing something similar because my retirement money is crashed and social security will be dry. If I end up on the Walmart shelf stocking plan you can be sure I will be sneaking cashews and sam's choice pop in the backroom.

Siobhan - Stamford, CT
June 3, 2002
Today I had to say goodbye to my therapist since I am moving soon. I said she reminds me of my dog, Murdoch because she is constant, loyal, unconditional and wise. And if I think of a world without either of them, a lump comes up in my throat. When I got home I realized how much they really are alike. She says to remember myself and who I am, a little star, growing in a world that doesn't always understand stars and seedlings. I am reassured. Murdy says "You're my mom" and licks my nose, and then life is perfect.

Doreen Ashley - New Jersey
June 2, 2002
Today is Sunday. I woke up at 8am. I promised a friend I would chauffer her around New York today. She's a hair stylist. She goes to people's homes and apartments to cut and style their hair. I drove her from place to place, then, sat in the car or on a stoop of an apartment building, read my book and watched people go by while she worked.

Roberta - Sandy, UT
May 29, 2002
After breaking my foot 2 days earlier, my boyfriend, who lives in Portland, bought me an airplane ticket to come and see him for the weekend. After surviving the departing flight and being transported through PDX via wheelchair, I attempted to make my way down an escalator on my crutches. I quickly learned that that wasn't as easy as it looked. I fell on the escalator, in a skirt, and was helped up by a very nice girl named Jenny. I was driven to my destination by Jenny and her fiance. It all turned out wonderful in the end, because I spent 5 wonderful days with the love of my life, even though I was hobbling around on crutches the entire time.

Sarah - Yorktown, VA
May 28, 2002
Today at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, a french clown came up to me and said "vhat would you do eeef i deed theees?" and then hit me on the head with a bicycle horn at least 200 times.

Hilary Thomas - Austin
May 26, 2002
I introduced my father to my boyfriend today. My dad has never met anyone I've dated before. It went well. My dad rambled on about things no one else really understood, my grandmother grilled him about when he's going to finish college, my stepmom cooked dinner for everyone. Eirik and I were joking about disgusting ice cream flavors, like shrimp ice cream, mayonnaise ice cream, bacon ice cream, and my grandmother looked as him and said, "Be sensible." We've decided to make t-shirts that sport that phrase.

Caroline Riedl - Vancouver
May 25, 2002
My website sharing the secret for INCREASED ENERGY, BETTER SKIN, and WEIGHT LOSS is completed!

Kim - St. Louis
May 24, 2002
We went to The Pasta House for lunch and Greg found 1/2 a cockroach in the salad we were sharing. The manager gave me free cheesecake.

Rebecca D. Cronan - San Francisco
May 23, 2002
Today I dropped off my 1 1/2 year old daughter at her daycare and headed back home. I was feeling depressed with my sudden complete aloneness and so decided to venture out for some errands. Looked at plastic storage crates at Office Depot, then headed over to the Mindful Body Yoga Studio for their 12 o'clock community class. The teacher was Italian and pronounced words like parallel with a beautiful curved sound. The class was upbeat and moved fluidly. Had lunch and came back an hour later for a massage where they worked on my hip muscles. By 3:30 I was at Golden Gate Elementary where we drew pictures of fish on colored construction papers.

Adam Lenhardt - Aurora, Colorado
May 22, 2002
I sat at work bored because the phone wouldn't ring. I had to write a letter to a child advocate for my friend, because the mother of his child took off. It was so windy yesterday that the shingles blew off my house. Summer is here.

smp - Chicago, IL
May 21, 2002
7am: Was asked to leave a bus upon boarding despite a valid pass because the driver would not accept it. The second bus driver said i could not use that pass either but let me stay "this one time." Funny the pass had been working for the last 9 months and the authorities I checked with that day said it IS valid. ... 7pm: Opened up a box with my new computer shipment I had been waiting impatiently for the last two weeks. Wrong computer. And the customer care representative I talked to would not give me her last name either.

Rick Thompson - Petaluma, CA
May 19, 2002
Mom & Dad stayed over Saturday night so I bar-b-qued up some chicken breasts for Mothers Day. After they left for home, my wife Anna decided to go to the movies while I was feeling tired so decided to take a nap. In an hour I arose and went to shave as I had a job interview Monday. Suddenly my left leg gave out, and I fell to the ground. I went to grab the doors but my left arm didn't respond. Sitting in a heap on the floor, I noticed my face looked wrong. I called out for my son Ryan, but couldn't even understand myself. He heard and came to see what I wanted. I sent him next door for help to get to the car. My neighbor came and helped me into the office chair so they could wheel me to the car. We went to the closest hospital where they determined it was a stroke. A tough end to a nice Mothers Day.

Zack Lemear - Beverly, MA
May 18, 2002
I graduated from college. What a weird feeling. It was pouring rain, sleet and snow. I graduated underneath a tent outside. It was incredibly cold. my body shivered in a last attempt to keep itself warm.

Sarah Lacamoire - Brooklyn, NY
May 17, 2002
My husband and I woke up at 5:45 am to get standby tickets for Saturday Night Live. We didn't get in. The hot chocolate I bought was delicious, though.

Becky - USA
May 15, 2002
i turned 30 today, I'm the best darn good lookin 30 year old you would ever see too. I have long wavy blond hair, baby blue eyes, and one of the best personalities i'm told. I sell real estate and have 3 boys, one 6 and twin 1 year olds. My husband goes on business a lot so I also do a lot of travelling. I love the attention my looks get, I love when a man just stands and stares. My husband likes it to, he says it's because he has me and they will never have me. You will know if you ever see me because you will never forget me. I'm that good lookin.

Christine Vita - NY, NY
May 13, 2002
Today I woke up with very bad cramps. I took the ferry into work anyway, and was in a ball pinching my arm to try and take the pain away. It was pouring rain and on the train I wanted to throw up. The smell of this woman's perfume made me ill. I took some painkillers at work and fell asleep I feel so much better.

Patty - Sacramento
May 11, 2002
Today was the longest day of my life, literally. I woke up at 8am in Fiji. I ate breakfast, strolled the beach for seashells, jumped in the pool, drank one last Pina Colada and finished packing. I left for the airport at 5pm. I landed at smoggy & crowded LAX at 1pm on Saturday, caught another flight and landed at SFO at about 7pm. Then had to get my car at my friend's and drive back to Sacramento. I've finished sorting thru my emails and snail mail. It's finally after midnight now so my 43 hour Saturday has ended. I don't know how I'll ever sleep after such a day. It really makes you think about life when you go from a 3rd world country where the natives have virtually nothing but their land and their families and they're the happiest people on earth to a country where the majority of people have all the latest and greatest comforts that money can buy but can't be happy without taking their Prozac daily. It's so mind boggling; it's difficult to explain everything going thru my mind right now!

DaniŽlle Molenaar - Amsterdam
May 10, 2002
My favourite politician has been shot. My whole country (Netherlands) is in shock. Pim Fortuyn will be buried today. It's four o'clock and I'm sitting at my desk. I'm very bored because the funeral starts over an hour and all is quiet at the office, and I believe nearly the whole country is either glued to the TV set or going to Rotterdam to witness the funeral and to say goodbye to a very special man...

Simone - New Orleans
May 9, 2002
My 2-year-old woke me up at 3 a.m. He climbed on the bed and began to jump, chanting Elmo, Elmo, Elmo! I wanted to fuss, but he grinned at me.

Shelly - Haifa, Israel
May 6, 2002
I woke to a beautiful early summer day, with the hope for peace and freindship between all people!!!

Elisa - Houston, TX
May 4, 2002
My boyfriend decided he wanted to cut his hair. He had beautiful, long curly black hair. I went with him to get it done and sat next to him reading a magazine. Every time I looked up at him I pursed my lips. Later when we got home I started crying and he could not comfort me, until he let me cut it again. Twice. Each time I felt better, because it looked good when it was wet, but then it would dry and look dumb again. But my mother is coming in town tomorrow and she's going to fix it. She knows how to cut hair.

Dan A - Tel Aviv, Israel
May 3, 2002
I'm all alone. I went to the beach today. Was a beautiful day. Could be perfect, just missing a woman. And also we lost in basketball... that's too much for one day :)

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