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Aspiah B. - Singapore
May 2, 2002
Went to a wedding and got food poisoning from the left overs.

T.D. - Hartford, CT
May 1, 2002
today i ate a turkey and cheese sandwich and dribbled mustard on my favorite white pants. it won't come out ever. they are ruined.

Joan-Carrol Banks - Portland, Oregon
April 30, 2002
My neighbor cut down six healthy, fruit-bearing plum trees in his back yard, exposing my back yard to all the houses on his street. Impulsively, I went out and spent my entire savings on three paper white birch trees, a Mexican redbud, and a Japanese maple. I am now staring paralyzed out the open back door, trying to figure out where to put five trees in my tiny back yard. The fear of making permanent aesthetic mistakes is keeping me from making a decision. The neighbor just now stuck his face through a broken board in the fence to admire the trees, and suggested that when I replace the fence that he broke while cutting down his trees. Maybe I could put in a "neighbor gate". I am trying to be civil, and reply "Hmm, I'll have to give that some thought."

Sean G. - Oklahoma City
April 28, 2002
The marathon was today and our company volunteered to do one of the waterstations, the 9th mile in particular. My girlfriend was helping hand out water when a 70ish old man stopped running, took the water she offered, then admitted "You sure are looking good today." He resumed the race.

Lei - KL Malaysia
April 27, 2002
woke up at redang island's resort. had breakfast with kids & wife. headed on to boat, breezing thru the wide greenish blue south china sea to the marine park. snorkelled with bread to feed the colorful fishes & viewed the magnificent colorful sea corals. went back to resort for lunch & lazed around on the bench. went out to open sea for more snorkelling but this time, the sea was rough and drank plentiful of seawater. had dinner & then, some uno game b4 bed. what a day in paradise..

Bryan Mueller - Minnetonka
April 26, 2002
That Friday night I went to my high school prom, as a sophmore. My date was a senior. It was an incredible experience... Her and I "dated" for close to one week afterwards, before she dumped me for a senior who's supposedly the hottest guy in the school. His name is Knute Sands... What the hell?...

Kylis - New York City
April 25, 2002
I went to Coney Island and met with Dick D. Zigun, the unofficial Mayor of Coney Island about the Mermaid Parade. The parade was started by Dick in 1983 and I am in production of a documentary of it. This years parade is on June 22, 2002.

*Nat Marie* - Vermillion, KS
April 22, 2002
Well on April 22 of 2002 it was the last day of school! I was so excited. At school we didnt have to do very much work. We just cleaned out our desks. I love the last day of school!!!

Daphne Khoury - Dallas
April 17, 2002
I was holding my grandmother's hand when she died.

T - Calgary
April 14, 2002
I awoke in a strange city with a strange girl in a hotel room. It was my 25th birthday. She was beautiful and she would break my heart six days later. I would wake up to a earthquake, and the day would end with tears as I walked away from her. God I miss her.

David - Bloomington, IN
April 12, 2002
My first (and thus far only) major brush with law enforcement... I had Mexican Night with a few friends during which I drank quite a lot of tequila and beer. Later in the evening we walked across town, and I was given a citation for illegal consumption. Damn alcohol laws!

Ty - Washington, DC
April 10, 2002
When Anne's water broke at 5:30, I had to shake the fog from my brain and act; I had been dreaming about airplanes again. Although it was a serious moment in our lives, it was really amusing too. We have the photos. By 9:00 that evening, I was holding my daughter in my arms. Her face, like her mother's, suggested that she will be amused by this silly world too.

Jeremy - Knoxville, Tennessee
April 6, 2002
I took my mother to the hospital this evening because she was in labor with her first daughter, Cecilia. We had been unable to contact my father, so I went home to see if he was there. I found him in a pool of blood in the bathroom. He had been painting his car all week in an enclosed garage, and the paint fumes had caused him to bleed internally before finally he was so full of blood that it started coming out of his orifices. I called the ambulance and they rescused my father, and they said he was very lucky to be alive because he had lost literally pints of blood. At the hospital, I told my mother that I had been unable to find Dad and that she should continue with shoving Cecilia into this world. The doctors told my older brother and I that my father was not going to live through the night. I went to the hospital's waiting room and cried for hours because my mother was having a child and my father couldn't see it because he was about to die. In conclusion, he miraculously recovered over a period of two weeks, and Cecilia is healthy and doing fine.

Genetta - Jacksonville
April 5, 2002
Yesterday my daughter turned five. Five years ago today I was praying for her to live. I did not even dare to dream that this day would come. You can't even tell that she came so close to death. I am so happy today!

Jason - Sarastota, FL
April 2, 2002
Today I slept in, it felt so good. I then went outside, played basketball in the 4 o'clock sun set. I didn't study for my SAT's this Saturday. I haven't even studied at all. Will I study tomorrow? Maybe.

Deven - Panama City
April 1, 2002
I got fired! This was no April fools joke.

Tiffany - California
March 30, 2002
I turned 25 today. All I can think of is that I'm thankful my birthday wasn't in the hospital. I've spent too much time there. You know you've spent too much time there when you get used to it and start thinking it's not so bad of a place, after all.

James - Montreal, Canada
March 28, 2002
She said she didn't want to do it anymore unless I asked her out. I did. Been regreting it ever since. One year and counting...

Erin - Hobart/Australia
March 22, 2002
I lost my innocence today, but I didn't know it at the time. It's strange how you have an image of what's ment to happen in your mind, but it never seems to happen that way. Even if I forget the date, this day will never be forgoten. I wish I could tell him that.

Laurel - St. Paul, MN
March 16, 2002
I was supposed to get together with my friends to celebrate my birthday and they accidently told me to go to the wrong bar, I waited for an hour in a busy bar on a friday night and they never showed. None of them had cell phones and neither did I, and so I ended up catching a cab and catching up with them about 3 hours later. I learned that there is nothing more lonely than a crowded bar.

Rob Peterman - Vallendar, Germany
March 11, 2002
I truly believe that there is something about economics that numbs the mind and limits it's range. I just spent 2.5 weeks backpacking through Spain and the French Rivieria, carrying my text book safely tucked away in my pack. I am now rushing through that same, though now crumpled, Exchange Rate textbook, facing up to the disconcerting reality that the Germans are going to eat me for breakfast on this test. Or perhaps like a juicy bratwurst on a warm Oktoberfest evening. Pass the mustard...

C. Elizabeth - Tampa
March 7, 2002
This is the day I had my 4th child. After having 3 girls we got a surprise and had a boy! we did not know the sex of the baby till birth. I also had him at home, a natural birth. He was 9 and a half pounds. He's a big boy!

Wendy K - Chester Springs, PA
March 6, 2002
I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me so I dumped him yesterday. Today, my mom and I got in an argument about my independance and not living at home. I told her I was getting a tattoo, she said it was my choice. I waited 21 years to hear my mother tell me I had a choice and she didn't really mean it but she said it ... I got my tattoo 5 hours later.

Gabe Dowling - New York
March 3, 2002
My father died this morning in a room full of flowers while I held his hand. It was over after a nightmare of 21 days never leaving his side. Making that journey with him was the most humbling thing I have ever done.

Connie Rice - Palm Coast, FL
March 1, 2002
My husband and I woke up at 4 am to drive our moving truck from Maryland to Florida. The stupid truck wouldn't start and we had already sedated our cat for the trip.

Cathy - California
February 27, 2002
My boyfriend was arrested today, the police were in my home-with a search warrant. How did my life end up here?

Laura - Athens, Georgia
February 26, 2002
After suffering from anorexia for ten years and in treatment for two years, I was deemed completely healthy! After such a long journey, I finally recovered myself.

Don Belyea - Golden, BC
February 22, 2002
I don't think I've ever seen so much snow in my life! Skiing in knee-deep powder is a trip! I had no idea what i was doing, but if I wiped out it didn't matter, soft landing everytime! I'm in awe today.

Melissa Marschke - Inuvik, NWT
February 19, 2002
I went for a drive along the Dempster, Canada's finest driving experience, and saw my first 'sun dogs'. it was so cold out, -35, that the sky was ablaze with fantastic lights: pinks, greens, purples. a truely amazing site. and, the land was a winter wonderland. saw an arctic fox and some ptarmigan, all from the highway!

Margot Finley - Toronto
February 16, 2002
My last performance of The Crucible, and then I participated in a rather raucous cast party. I think the stress and lack of sleep etc. etc. all added up and I was "that girl" who threw up throughout the entire party and then had to get a cab home (puked the whole way to my aunt's) at 6 am, passed out beside my mother, had to be dragged and carried out of bed and into the car, and lifted onto the plane where I threw up across the country while lying on the plane floor. It was hellish. Welcome home Margot!

Boo - Oakland, CA
February 14, 2002
Somewhere around this day people found out I was messin with my ex's best friend cause I mentioned it to a person at school and she knew a girl that lived with my ex and it got around to the whole family. My ex believed me though thank god. And I stayed with him for a month or so longer cause he was an asshole anyways. Then I got with his friend. I know it sounds scandalous but it's really not. He practically deserved it. Anywho that was a crazy week.

Jasdev - Seberang Jaya
February 6, 2002
I was on a date with Audrey. Just broke up with Mei Yun a couple days before. Mei Yun offered to drive me to the bus stop but we ended up making love. My first time. Not a virgin anymore. Epiphany.

Suz - Toronto
February 2, 2002
I made a vanilla cake with chocolate icing and threw some strawberrys on top of it and gave it to my brother and his friends for his birthday and have yet to find out what strawberrys and chocolate together taste like, though I've been wanting to know ever since.

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