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C... - Oklahoma
February 1, 2002
I awoke from a vivid dream. So real I worked up the courage and contacted my ex-wife of 20 years to finesse a meaning. Although I babbled like a school boy it was good to hear form her and she is doing well...

Courtney - Holiday, FL
January 26, 2002
In the morning I wrote the SATs (for the fourth time). After suffering, I walked out and this guy, who thought that he was in love with me, presented me with a bouquet of roses and two bags of candy with a wish that I did well on the test. We spent the entire rainy day together. Later on that night, we went to my then best friend's eighteenth birthday party. It was worse than a love triangle-- it was a love square. Awkwardness accompanied the night until finally, one of the sides decided to leave abruptly. But in his haste of driving away, he popped his tire on the curb of the curvy street that my friend lived on. Thinking that he had just hit a mailbox or worse, we ran to see what had happened, only to be surprised by the long tire marks on the sidewalk. Long phone calls followed that and then finally, girltalk, birthday cake, and sleep.

Colleen - Boston
January 24, 2002
My husband and I got married in a run down building in Turkey. We didn't understand a word the Turkish priest said because we are Americans. The only english words the priest spoke were "keep the change". It was a an experience I will never forget.

Lindsey - Denver, CO
January 18, 2002
This day was my 23rd birthday, and I spent it in the back of a 15-passenger van on the way to middle-of-nowhere Missouri. I was with my best friends, and I got play-dough. It was a beautiful day.

Beth Harvey - Seattle, WA
January 4, 2002
My cat Tye died. He was in end stage renal failure, and I knew he wasn't going to live much longer. He spent the day struggling to do his normal activities, but he was growing progressively weaker with each passing hour. At one point I left him alone for a few minutes only to hear a crash and ran back into the room to find that he'd tried to jump up on his favorite perch, but had missed and fallen, hard, back on the floor. In the early evening he was sleeping on the sofa and I was just a few feet away in the kitchen when he went into a seizure. I ran to him and gathered him up in my arms, and sat and held him and told him I loved him, and he died.

Cecilia - Denver, CO
January 3, 2002
I was in Sydney, Australia and in the afternoon I climbed to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with my best friends. It felt like we were flying.

Ashley Jillings and Lindsey McLean - Cobourg Ont
December 31, 2001
On this day, Lindsey and I probably had one of the best times of our lives...just hangin out, chillin in Cobourg..(u know u can have fun even in Cobourg),The thing that made this such an exciting nite is that we haven't been the happiest girls and then all of a sudden, about 10 min b-4 midnight we decided to celebrate the incoming year(2002) by having some wine!!!!!!!! But even b-4 we had any lindsey started dancing like a maniac and I was on the floor laughing my @$$ off!!! And for the rest of the nite we laughed over little things.....We haven't laughed in sooo long, but that night was different...

K-Mama - Dallas
December 25, 2001
My boyfriend of 2 years and I were visiting my family in my hometown. My parents are divorced so we were with my mom's side opening gifts. Suddenly, Jason said loudly, "hey everybody I have one more gift to give." We all looked at him wondering what the hell he was talking about when he got down on his knee and proposed to me! It still gives me chills. We're running off to Hawaii in September to do it all alone. It is now 6 months later and I never knew it would feel as good as it does.

Liz - Whippany, NJ
December 11, 2001
I was at work when Shawn came and picked me up for lunch. It was our first date. I had made cookies for him in anticipation of his arrival. Foolishly, I felt like I was being too aggressive. He liked the cookies (especially the banana ones). He played the Ramones in his car to impress me, because he knew I liked punk music. He also had a Krusty the Clown doll in his car, which he bought for himself as an early Christmas present. I knew at that point that I would fall in love with him.

Emiline - Richmond, Virginia
December 7, 2001
My beloved dog died at the age of 14. She was my best friend in the world, and I still cry about her every week. I came home from staying out at my boyfriend's house to check on her before I went to work, and I found her dead in my bedroom. It was a Friday.

Jasdev - Seberang Jaya
December 6, 2001
11:53am in the park behind my house. I was wearing blue Adidas tracks, black Puma loafers, and I don't know what shirt. Went for it, and got my first ever kiss! Given and taken. Those times I won't ever forget.

Jesse H. Liwag - Makati City, Philippines
November 29, 2001
It's my 28th birthday and my friend surprised me with balloons, tons of cotton candy, and a cholocate cake with my face on it. I was speechless.

Anne - Vancouver
November 23, 2001
I moved back to Bella Coola from Victoria. The plane was full and I was trying to get on stand-by. I camped out at my brother's for three days and finally bought a full priced ticket home. When the plane landed there was slush.

Di - Sydney
November 15, 2001
My mother called me from New Zealand to say that she had to have my cat put to sleep because he was missing me so much and fretting and wasn't eating - just waiting for me to turn up at the gate. I had to leave him behind when I moved to Sydney. So so sad.

Jan Chilton - Myrtle Beach, SC
November 11, 2001
Today a friend and I spent over 2 hours with Davy Jones from the Monkees! He was racing one of his steeple jump horses in Charleston, SC, and I was the only fan who knew he was there. After brazenly approaching him like he should know me, this wonderful man made the next couple of hours the most wonderful hours of my 45 yr old life. I spent time one on one with my childhood teen idol. What more could one ask?

Jacob S. Adali -
October 30, 2001
I made love to the woman of my dreams. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever experianced. I woke up. Dammit.

Caroline Riedl - Vancouver
October 26, 2001
Beloved Robert Van App was found dead this morning.

Ernie Shankles - Columbia, SC
October 25, 2001
Our son, Jamie, died today. He had fought colon cancer for almost 3 years. He had graduated from UCLA Law School while in remission and passed the bar and had just started his first real job when the cancer returned. In his last hours, he wanted me to read something from the Bible and I read Psalm 91. We held him and told him that we loved him and he received last rites from a priest and he died. I now have no future and am so sad I don't know how anyone can ever stand such pain.

Ginger - Taipei
October 19, 2001
I've been with my boyfriend for almost 6 years now, but this was the night of my first date with him. Well- not really a date. We spent nearly four hours in silence, working individually on our sculpture projects at my kitchen table. And then later in the evening, he made linguine and alfredo, and we watched basketball on TV. Unreal.

Louise - Chilliwack, BC
October 18, 2001
What a grey day. There is snow on the tops of the mountains. I got out of bed at 1pm. I should be going downtown and to Safeway and even the career centre. I should be doing my laundry.I should be doing a lot of other things then sitting here being sad and depressed. I hate my life. I hate that my body is falling apart piece by piece. I hate that I can't lose weight. I hate that I don't have enough control of my life to control my eating habits and therefore lose the weight that is controlling me.

Claire - Portland
October 7, 2001
The basement is damp and drafty. But I'd rather be there on the phone with Neal than warm and upstairs and not hearing his voice. Mold smell isn't so bad once you get used to it. I'll get an allergy for sure.

Mandy Van der Byl - Toronto
October 5, 2001
It was a rainy day...and I slammed into the car in front of me. Six hours later I had the longest, steamiest, hottest, wet...Bath... What a night!

Tom - East Lansing
October 1, 2001
My 20th birthday. Girlfriend showed up reluctantly. She sucks. Didn't even get a birthday hug. Perhaps next year.

Jenny - Guelph, Ontario
September 27, 2001
I pulled a muscle in my arm while playing upright bass in the square for YTV. My whole arm locked up. Then they claimed we didn't attract a crowd! YTV's got some nerve...

(Mr.)Vesa Peltonen - Thunder Bay, Ont. Canada
September 24, 2001
I was a high school art teacher in Pikangikum First Nation Reserve in north west Ontario. I went out canoeing toward an island with my expensive macro lens Nikon camera and sketchbook. After spending two hours exploring, I decided to head back to the Northern Store dock and pick up some food. Thinking the canoe was mostly firm on the shore, I got up too quckly and fell over in the water. Camera and all tipped with me; just in for a few seconds was all it took to soak me and get moisture in the camera. I proceeded into the store, leaving a trail of water with me down a few isles. The management hoped I'd leave soon. People stared at me as if I was an alien with grass, dirt and stuff stuck to my drenched clothes. I was late for a dinner social. When I arrived there my co-teacher friends all said, "We heard on the local radio that an art teacher had almost drowned when he fell out of his boat; was that you?" I guess the station needed to get a top story for the day. I decided not to explain to them how undramatic it really was. In three weeks my camera lens finally cleared up from the moisture inside.

Jenny - Fairfield Glade
September 21, 2001
Today I went to go see one of my friends play a gig in Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. Someplace I had never even heard of. I'm very glad I went cause I ended up meeting the Love of my Life. Now it's almost been a year of us dating. He is one of the sweetest people I know, he makes my heart dance. Needless to say I now live in Fairfield Glade. Life is good.

Tom - Raleigh
September 18, 2001
I flew over Manhattan in a AA Regional jet and looked down into the hole that used to be the World Trade Centre.

Ben Pollard - Oxen, ON
September 11, 2001
Today I watched too much television.

Sooz - Fresno, CA
September 10, 2001
Today was my 41st birthday. I spent all day taking care of the last minute details for my partner's surprise 50th birthday party tomorrow. Needless to say, it was cancelled.

Peff - Pefferlaw
August 11, 2001
On the first night back from camp Little Sis Peff (my sister Lindsay spelled with an A) and I went out for a bicycle ride. We went to visit my parent's friends that live at the river. They were digging and found 2 little tiny baby turtles and many small turtle eggs. I took pictures of these turtles. And we buried the rest of the eggs and placed anti-critter around so that the skunks wouldn't eat the eggs.

Eli Kaye - Chicago, IL
August 4, 2001
Beautiful girl engaged me in conversation on red line at 9pm. I ran after her when she got off. She thought I was amazing, I thought she was amazing. A week later, I learn she is a shrink-certified sociopath -- her life is a lie.

Court - Portland, ME
August 2, 2001
Today i lost my virginity, the one thing that held a link to my childhood. There may be many others in my life, but never will i forget him, laying there, both of posessing each others innocence, a bond that can never be broken. I just wish he was still here.

Justyna - Toronto
August 1, 2001
This morning our apartment on Euclid Avenue went up in flames. At 6am, after standing outside in my pyjamas, I walked up in the fireman's boots to try and find my wallet. It was by my bed on the ground beside a non-shattered glass of water.

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