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Lisa Jenkins - San Diego
July 3, 2001
I woke up early that morning in Atlanta and said goodbye to my boyfriend of 4 and 1/2 years. I got in my car and drove west until I couldn't go any further. I have been living in San Diego ever since.

Margot Finley - Ayers Rock, Australia
June 29, 2001
Today I arrived in the outback. It's dry and hot and completely barren. I walked around the gigantic red mass that is Ayers Rock, or Uluru as the Aborigines call it. I will later see it change colours and glow at sunset and sunrise.

becky r. - San Antonio
June 19, 2001
I almost lost my husband today. He went to the hospital for a minor problem and ended up going into congestive heart failure. I was so scared and afraid to lose him. I love him so much and I'm so afraid that his grandchildren won't remember just how wonderful their grandpa is. He's OK now, but it was so touch and go. I'm so relieved to have him back, even if he still remains ill. I can still lay down with him at night and awake the next morning with him by my side. Keep him safe Lord.

Julie - Palo Alto
June 17, 2001
I finally did it! I earned my BS. I began the trek at the University Behind Raleys, a very small community college, comprised of portables, but I finished at Stanford University, 15 years later. What an incredible feeling it is to accomplish a goal held for so long. YIPPEEE!!!!

Ian Wojtowicz - Vancouver
June 16, 2001
I witnessed a brush with death.

eezilyweezily - vancouver bc
June 8, 2001
It's my birthday today and my two new roomates kicked me out. That's ok though, I moved in with my boyfriend. Had to move by shopping cart and had to toss my new bed (too heavy to move, no money for movers). Also had a huge fit (went phsyco) and made them give me my damage deposit. Ha Ha and screw them.

Stoshin - Gaithersburg, MD
June 7, 2001
My sister was found dead in her apartment today. Life closed in on her and she drank and smoked, then drank and smoked some more, and more. Years of vodka and cigarettes, her way of committing suicide. She was not argumentative or obnoxious; she pulled the covers over her head and pretended the world was not there. For days. For months. Probably for years longer than we ever imagined. And the thing of it is that even at her worst, no one could help her because she wouldn't agree that she needed to get help. She had smart answers. Intellectual arguments. There was no helping her, in the end. But oh how we tried. And oh how we loved her.

Parky - Toronto
June 5, 2001
Sitting in a black metallic tower, 42 floors high, just completed an opinion, considering Ministry liability, we represent them, the Ministers that is, liability of the Crown, interesting concept, there's deemed immunity, submitted a list of recommendations to New Brunswick and Alberta regarding their Electronic Transaction Bills, one's already been passed, we were too late, the other, hopefully we'll give them more priority, over the rich German Bank that is, I was attempting to incorporate it extra-provincially, when I was hungover. Today, overcast, in my suit, I had to rush out at 07:00 to pick it up, I got home too late last night to pick it up...working hard, too hard.

Trish - Alberta, CNDA
May 26, 2001
This was the absolute worst day of my life. On this day my husband and I lost our Son, who was not yet born. What we thought was a child, was actually what is called a Complete Molar Pregnancy. To us, he will always be our Son, regardless of what other people think.

Pat Cardiff - Ann Arbor, MI
May 19, 2001
Woke up early and decided to go yard saling... told my sweetie she would owe me a varity of intimate "favors" if I found a cutting torch for her... an item that she wanted to bend some rebar with... i cycled around the corner, stopped at the first yard sale and asked the guy if he had anything... he directed my gaze to a box right in front of me, marked "$3 for box"... in it were a nice propane camping lantern, a bottle of propane a couple of other cans of gas and an oxy-acetylene blowtorch... needless to say i cycled right home, dropped off the item and then took off immediately to see what other stuff I would find... this had the makings of a good day for yard saling... it was! found gauntlets that would keep my hands warm on the coldest days (in the free box), nice sandals also free... a Dr. Demento's demented christmas songs... well the list goes on... it was a great day for scavenging... and Holly still owes me a "favor".

Ben - Amarillo, TX
May 9, 2001
my son was born today. my second child. strange, it seems i'm still one myself...

Tara - New York City
May 8, 2001
Went on a blind date with Roberto. Drank drinks at Galapogas then kissed in the subway station. Then i had to go to the hospital cause my mom had a cancerous growth removed from her forehead. Both ended well, mom is fine and Roberto and i have been together and for over a year now.

Jeff Harris - Brooklyn
May 4, 2001
Today's my birthday... YAY!!! I just found out that there is a site with the same name as me! KOOL BEENS!!!

Meredith B. - Hollywood, FL
April 27, 2001
Today I returned from a four month stayover in London, England. Bloomsbury to be exact. I couldn't help but notice how brash Americans seemed in comparison to the English. It feels like I've been asleep for the past four months. And now I've woken up from this very vivid, rainy, and cold, dream.

Chris Brantley - Lebanon, TN
April 25, 2001
Soloed in a airplane for the first time.

Henrik - Copehagnen
April 24, 2001
My girlfriend of 5 years sent me a letter telling me that she didn't want to see me no more as i didn't want to move in together...

Andrea - Dallas, Texas
April 20, 2001
Gave birth to my 2nd daughter and realized that there's nothing else better in the world than to realize that you just gave birth to the last child you plan to have.

Tom Lounge - Atlanta, GA
April 18, 2001
I arrive at the hospital at 6:57 AM expecting a very long wait ahead of me. My emotions were running wild, and the mystery of life was unfolding before my eyes. An angel fell into my arms at 8:11 AM... Heaven certainly smiled on me this day. I smiled back at heaven... I will always be known as Dad for the rest of my life from this moment forward. I've dedicated my life to my daughter Lauren Grace. She is my angel.

Tilly Malta - Seven Oaks
April 16, 2001
I rode my bike along side the red and yellow lilies that bloom on route 14. It's really something to behold!

Gigi - St. Pete, Florida
April 5, 2001
I was feeling odd and sad the entire day. Both of my parents died in April and I kept seeing them in fleeting ways in the same way you hear a bell in the distance. I felt like I had had a dream the night before that I couldn't shake. At work I drank two coffees but couldn't quite wake up. My 6th grade students were acting up and I was so tired that I slept in my car during lunch break. Those kids can be so mean. I slept on my sandwich and it got crushed, but when I woke up I ate it anyway. It tasted good. I said to the sky, I love you daddy, I love you mommy, and went back to work with wrinkled clothes, but I felt better. That night I went to the dog park with Barky and we ran around like idiots.

Chrissy V - Coquitlam
March 27, 2001
It was confirmed today. I have Multiple Sclerosis. It's not like I was surprised by what the doctor had to say, I already knew. It was more the way that those around me responded. It's amazing how something you have no control over, can change your life drastically.

B. Seeley - Toronto
March 6, 2001
today i woke up to a tich more snow on top of an already healthy base snow - but today the winds were kicking. After a morning routine of feeding myself and whatnot, i proceeded to open the door to the patio in order to throw another wee bag of trash into the ongoing big bag outside. As i'm squating on cold cement steps in barefeet addressing the gargabe, a huge gust of wind slams the door hard against the patio railing, as i work now with snow in my face and over my barefeet. At that moment an even bigger gust tunnels between me and the door kicking up a wind that throws almost everything on a shelf behind me to the ground, 2 full framed images, a subsatntial wooden box full of stuff, soapstone candle holders, everything smashes. That said 3 small figurenes that are old .....sure but formerly, never 'precious' to me, remain happily, safely on the shelf. weird huh?

Doug Wilkinson - Ottawa
March 5, 2001
Today I suffered a grand mal epileptic seizure during which I dislocated my left shoulder for the third time. Many people ask what it's like to go through a seizure of this type: it's death's trailer.

Don Belyea - Sydney, Australia
March 3, 2001
I'm watching the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, it's pretty nutty! Anything goes (with emphasis on the anything!). After the parade is done, the streets are COVERED in milk crates and trash, totally covered. A bunch of drummers and bongo players set up in a courtyard, and it was so intense. It felt tribal, for lack of a better word. It was a truly moving experience...

Maggie - Bowen Island
February 28, 2001
yesterday i took the ferry to Bowen Island and walked up the seven summits to my home. i didn't notice that an earthquake hit. i did my laundry and swept the dust bunnies from my quiet room. then i visited the municipality and walked around in the sunshine and went home. it was really a nice day.

Martin Andersen - Copenhagen, Denmark
February 2, 2001
It's my birthday tomorrow :-) My boss gave me a pink slip and a birthday present came from my mom - But I can't open the present until tomorrow :-( I wish I could open it today. I didn't like the one from my boss... at all!

David Visschedyk - London Ontario
February 1, 2001
This is the day I got into law school. It wasn't the law school I really wanted to go to, I would get into that law school a few weeks later. But, this was the day that I realized one day I would lower myself and become a spineless, self-serving lawyer. It sure felt good!

Maryum - Shreveport
January 31, 2001
Today is my birthday. I went to work from 10am until 9pm. The only person to wish me a happy birthday was my husband and only after I reminded him. When I got home at 9:20 I cleaned my apartment. We had a fire the day before. We are also moving to a new place and so I had to pack the rest of our things and then move everything into our new place. We didn't get done until 3:30am then had to be back at work at 10am.

CArly* - Ottawa
January 5, 2001
I woke up and my dog was limping around the house in a daze. He didn't answer to his name when I called him and I remembered for the past few days he had been very skittish. My mom had taken him to the vet last week and I found out he'd been diagnosed with cancer, but she didn't have the heart to tell me... I told her that maybe it would be best to stop his suffering, so I made the hardest decision of my life. To this day, I still cry when I remember holding my dog's paw when they put him to sleep...

Skutts - UK
January 2, 2001
My birthday celebrations went a bit pear shaped today, as my head went through a window.

Heather - Yuanlin, Taiwan
December 31, 2000
My fellow teachers and I had spent most of New Year's Eve at the local KTV (karaoke bar). After exhausting the catalogue of English songs, a few of us headed to the neighbourhood coffee shop for a pre-turn-of-the-real-century drink. But because they don't really celebrate the solar new year in this part of the world, I lost track of time and spent the switch washing my hands in the bathroom. Happy New...Year.

Lois Johnson - Wilmington, DE
December 29, 2000
65th Birthday, supposed to be special, landmark. Didn't even get cake from my family, totally forgotten because grandson was being a shit and all attentions was focused on him. Bummer!

JMV - Dorchester
December 22, 2000
I passed Microsoft's NT 4 Server in the Enterprise exam--an exam slated to be retired on, December 31, 2000, but held over till February 2001. I first thought, isn't it a bit premature to be retiring the NT4 exam? (but the more I see Windows 2000, the more NT4 looks, well, obsolete) After studying what seemed like 5,000 pages of data in two weeks, I've now passed two certification exams in a row! Now if only I can pass Workstation, I'll get the one time chance to write the killer hard accelerated Windows 2000 exam next year! Or rewrite all four 2000 exams...such fun...

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