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Eleanor Hugo - Quezon City
December 19, 2000
It's my 20th birthday celebrated with my classmates

Bruce Grierson - Vancouver
November 30, 2000
I learned to drive stick. Twenty-two years after getting my license, I finally navigated a city street without stalling a manual-transmission car. Even started on a hill without rolling back into the grille of the Beemer behind. How did this feel? Like graduation day.

Sally - Vancouver
November 17, 2000
I had my heart broken for the first time today. My grandpa died - he had cancer and didn't tell us. I love him so much and my heart feels like it's missing.

John - Grand Haven, MI
October 10, 2000
My son Jack was born today. Did the "driving through red lights at 2:30am in the morning" thing to get Amy to the hospital in time. Jack was born at 3:24. I was wearing the same shirt and U-M baseball cap that I was wearing when his sister, Emily, was born.

Jenn - San Francisco, CA
September 24, 2000
It was my 28th birthday and i came home with my then boyfriend who had suprised me with a huge party in my backyard and a jazz band was there. It was so nice to be loved like that and have my favorite music playing all for me.

Patricia - Brooklyn
September 3, 2000
I start college this week in NYC. My dad and I just flew from California to Brooklyn and we walked in the awful New York humidity for hours. The city smells like urine, a stranger sat at my table at McDonalds because there weren't enough spaces to sit, and all the grocery stores are really, really small.

Carol - Baltimore
August 29, 2000
My son Myles was born today. We both almost died, too. What a crappy / happy day. I wonder if it's possible to have such an extreme parallel day twice in one lifetime? Most of my being hopes not.

Louis-Paul - Toronto, Ontario
August 13, 2000
My mother died today from a massive heart attack. Part of me died too. Who in the world loves you better than your mom? Love you mom. I know you're happy where you are. I miss your unconditional love and support. Thanks for giving me the best of life! xoxoxoox

Jeffrey D.M. - Grand Rapids
August 7, 2000
I needed to get out of the apartment. I drove to the gas station and took notice of a bumper sticker: "Legalize Freedom"

dee pet - Kansas City
July 21, 2000
This is the day that i lost my unborn baby girl. I was 7 months pregnant and she was stillborn. God, she was a beautiful child. I still love her very much.

Barbera - NY. NY
July 4, 2000
I hate to visit my inlaws. They live in another state. We go to see them every 3 years. On this trip it was the same old problems - everybody fighting and talking about everyone else. And my sister in law dumping her 3 small children on all of us to watch so she can be lazy. It was to hot and too much of a headache. But hey, it was our family vacation for the year. We got pictures too. Really it wasn't all bad. The trip was very pleasent, 10 hours each way. Wish it was longer.

Elijah - Regina, SK
June 8, 2000
Turned 22. I celebrated by dancing in the rain, at 1:00am, in the dark, by myself. I wish I was kidding.

Niklas - Stockholm, Sweden
June 3, 2000
My father died, perhaps 15 years too early. I'm angry at the cancer which had rendered him unable to do anything but lie still and feel the pain. I'm frustrated because there was so much left for him to do. I held his hand and felt his last few heartbeats.

Christy - Hoffman
May 26, 2000
I graduated suma cum laude from the Savannah College of Art and Design on this day, at age 30 -- and proceeded to waste the next 3 years of my life. Things are about to change...

Jennifer Lehner - Seattle, WA
January 6, 2000
I quit smoking.

Rachel Reitmeyer - Houston
January 3, 2000
I ran through Central Park at midnight with my brother, breathing in the crisp cold air that I have not felt since I moved to Texas nine years ago.

D'Arcy Finley - Vancouver, BC
December 23, 1999
I spent much of the day learning how to surf, near Lahaina, Maui, with my sister and youngest brother. The first couple of hours found me paddling my board into crashing waves, swallowing sea water, and avoiding other, more talented surfers. Eventually I stood up and rode maybe 10 metres, precariously balanced on my too-small board.

Gavin - New York
December 3, 1999
My son Sebastian was born today, and despite my contention that I didn't care whether we had a boy or a girl, I'm really glad it was a boy. My wife knows, though we've never spoken of it.

Sirol - Hercules, CA
November 22, 1999
While at a club I ran into a doctor that performed an emergency surgery on me two years prior. Being both young and attractive, we flirted and exchanged numbers. We went out for dinner some days later, but being that he was married (to another doctor) I backed away. Two weeks passed and I called him to inform him that we had unfinished business to tend to. He came to my dorm room that evening and we both had the best sex in our lives. I never called him after that. I changed hospitals.

Bob Lattery - Apple Valley, Minnesota
November 14, 1999
I took my wife to get an ultrasound. We were having another baby, which the doctors had told us a few years earlier would be nearly impossible due to cysts on her ovaries. I was concerned. We were both about 40 years old and that would increase the risk of something being wrong with the baby. In addition, my wife had developed diabetes and had suffered a stroke at age 35 after taking "the Pill." I was really worried. The person running the ultrasound machine smeared goop on her belly and proceeded to scan my wife's insides. The doctor came in for a look a short while later. At first, all I saw was a crazy light and shadow show. Nothing looked like a baby. As the scan continued I leaned in and I thought I saw a head. Then I saw what looked like another head! No, that must be her bladder, I thought. After a few more sweeps of the ultrasound the doctor said, "Hmmm, it looks like you are going to have twins. And it looks like they are both boys." I started laughing, hysterically, and saying over and over "Oh my God!" I already had a daughter, who was 18, and another daughter, who was 10. I had always wanted a son. Now I was getting two, and the doctor said they both looked just fine.

Robert - Somerset
November 5, 1999
I married the girl of my dreams after only knowing her for 4 weeks but I knew this was the real thing. And I was wrong! She was on drugs and a compulsive stealer even though I could buy her whatever she wanted. We had a wonderful baby boy. He is the best reason as to why I'm still glad she came into my life. I do still love her but she can't ever love me again she says, cause I got her help and betrayed her. I did this for love of her and our child. Now I've lost everything I ever wanted and needed. I have no idea where my son is at, haven't seen him in almost a year, She gave him to someone. She had custudy and had me declared unfit. But through it all I did not make a mistake. Maybe you think otherwise.

Noman-Ul-Haq - Karachi
October 22, 1999
On this day I was very happy because the girl to whom I love most in the world came in my life.

froggegyrl - Philly, PA
October 16, 1999
A family wedding brought me to DC. But what happened changed me and my life. I was forced to confront reality... that I was in an unhealthy relationship with an abusive jerk. With the help and love of my family I finally severed the ties. I still feel sorry that my drama tinged the happy day for the couple, but they actually called from their honeymoon to check on me. I learned the real value of love and courage that day. I also learned the real value of me.

Deborah - St.Catharines, Ontario
September 26, 1999
That was the day I adopted my dogs from the Vancouver SPCA. They were male and female litter-mates that had been severely abused and starved. Within 3 months most of their injuries were healed, their fur started growing back in, and they weren't so scared anymore. Today they are healthy, fuzzy, and the best dogs anyone could ask for.

James Lanthier - Toronto, Ontario
September 15, 1999
I watched an old man weep into a payphone at an airport in Washington D.C.

Sandra - Vancouver
September 2, 1999
I walked my daughter to her first day of school. With excitement, pride, apprehension and sadness. I tried to emblazen that walk in my memory, knowing it would always be a meaningful moment for us.

Crystal Hill - Fairbanks, AK
August 29, 1999
After getting in my car a week earlier, I ended up in Alaska. What a terrific place to live the past 3 years. Living here is so peaceful and beautiful. Thanks Alaska!

Judith - Secaucus
August 27, 1999
At 6:00 my daughter was pulled out of my uterus and placed into my arms. My husband, held my face in one hand and whispered into my ear, "we're a family."

Thomas - Iowa City
August 20, 1999
I turned 19 tonight and got Lora's number. 351-0030.

Kari Romaniuk - Toronto, ON
July 11, 1999
I cried tears of joy for the first time that day. My father called... he had been given a clean bill of health! "Full remission" the doctor had said.

amber - philadelphia
July 10, 1999
I flew to Philadelphia after living in Houston with an physically and mentally abusive mother to rejoin the father I had not seen in ten years. I'm finally free. FREE.

Janet - Toronto
June 25, 1999
After 3 years of being in love with him, and then finally realizing he didn't love me, all I had left was a fantasy. I had played it over and over in my head. I would pay the secretary $50 to play "Beautiful Goodbye" by Amanada Marshall. I would walk up to him, kiss him straight on the lips, say "It's a shame what some people can't see with their own two eyes," and walk out the door. Instead, I forgot the music, didn't have the money, and he was in the middle of a bunch of girls as I walked right past him, and out of his (and everyone else's) life. It was my last day of high school.

Lisa -
June 12, 1999
I had a baby boy today. His older brother brought him a birthday cake. I'm going to teach them to love each other, to count on each other, to protect each other. I hope it works.

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