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jfc - Houston, Texas
June 9, 1999
After 13 years of struggling, I threw a party to celebrate my new place and invited those closest to me. Champagne, catered food, flowers everywhere, the works! I finally had my own domicile with all the things I treasure and the warmth and joy of those who are my circle of joy. A day of great of laughter and personal affirmation.

Sienna - Brooklyn, NY
May 30, 1999
I was finally leaving San Diego for New York City. I had lived there for two years and it had never really seemed like home. The weather and scenery are so beautiful, but the people weren't intellectually stimulating. Still, I was sad to go and start my new life.

Kathy Merrill - Alamogordo, NM
May 26, 1999
My daughter Amanda Gail was born. I named her after my mother Gail who died four days later of cancer. I love all my kids! I sure miss my mother!

Alison Young - Wellington NZ
May 17, 1999
My dad died. Held him while he struggled against it, he was determined not to go. Every gasp was his last, mouth opening and shutting like a young bird. Kept saying, Oh Dear, Oh dear, over and over. Held mum to my breasts in my other arm, she was too terrified to look at him); me, determined that his exit would be filled with love and warmth as he jerked his way out of this life and into another, to meet his own late father who was waiting at the side of the bed, behind me. Dad had called out to him. Miss him so much. Can smell him now.

Angela - Fortaleza
May 16, 1999
That morning I left my parents' house to live in another state, in a community made of many people sharing the same faith in Christ. It was the first step in the darkness I made in all of my life.

Becky Caret - Madison, WI
April 17, 1999
At approximately 2am on this day my fiance jumped in front of a bus on the freeway, and died instantly. I spent the rest of the day talking to marine investigators with Bill's mother. My brother thought it was a cruel joke until I came home at 5pm that night, after a full day of ignoring reality.

Christina - Wiesbaden, Germany
April 4, 1999
I picked up a client at the airport Frankfurt, who had been calling me in my travel agent office for half a year to arrange his visit to Germany from New Mexico. Thought he was old and retarded, wouldn't want to see his telephone bill. Only the man who comes out of the gate is 6.5", early 40's... good looking. Can not be him. I get called out from the Information Booth. It is him! He says he loves me. Help! Update: May 2002. I am now married and living in New Mexico. How did that happen?

TL - Baton Rouge
February 23, 1999
I tried to kill myself by swallowing over 60 antidepressants. Didn't work because i called my therapist to have someone to talk with while i died, and i told her where i was....

Natalie - Boston
January 27, 1999
I lost my virginity; I had low self-esteem, and my then-boyfriend had been cheating on me because I wouldn't have sex with him. I thought if I slept with him, he'd be faithful and love me. He wasn't, and he didn't.

Scott Vogel - Los Angeles
January 1, 1999
I met Holly Ruprecht... she is silly but we still get along

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