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Leanne - Ottawa
June 1, 2007
I went for my bi-annual check-up today at the Cancer Centre. I was expecting to hear my normal "all clear, see you in 2 years" which would have made it 29 years in remission for me. Instead, they look all concerned, and scheduled me for five more tests in the next couple months. They also reminded me "when" it comes back, there's nothing they can do. I'm too worried to even tell my family or friends what's going on...

Jim Brannen - Belleville
May 30, 2007
We were waiting in the car as my friend ran to her house to get some money. A minute or two after entering she ran back to us looking upset and said that she thinks her dog is dead. I ran into the house and at the top of the stairs lay Mona's small gray haired body. I'm not sure what kind of dog she was, but her curly little tail was not wagging as it usually does. She had found a bag of leftovers from a local Chinese restaurant and had bitten a hole through the ziplock bag to get her head inside. It was not big enough to get her head out and she suffocated. I pulled her head out, no pulse, no motion. Her eyes did not react to the light. She was gone. My friend's mom was working downstairs and did not notice anything. Mona was special to that family, she meant something different to each person but was equally as loved. I dug her a grave in the backyard.

anthony - between dilling and kadugli
May 19, 2007
We drove from Dilling to Kadugli in South Kordofan, Sudan today. A four-wheel drive, no air conditioning, the window rolled down and Juillette & The Licks on the mp3 player. It's the end of our mission and I get to go home on Tuesday to my beautiful pregnant girlfriend, my dog and my new home in mountains. This is the best day.

lauren - san francisco
May 3, 2007
On my lunch break I found a stellar mini pie bakery. i experience time differently out here. I would have never have appreciated a bakery when I lived on the east coast. And today is the first day that realization made me smile. Horray for moving on!

Candy - Queen Creek
April 24, 2007
My husband of 13 years. left me. I did nothing to him except love him. I want to be dead.

Jeff Harris - Kentucky
April 23, 2007
My dog had puppies the other day, and so I was letting my friend play with them. He was letting them crawl all over and lick him, and then one threw up right on his face! After laughing about it for five hours, I decided to look up my name on Google...

Nora - Minneapolis
April 22, 2007
I am so desparate for something tangible and real that when I hear it in a song, I just listen to that song on repeat until I am shaking and crying and wondering how i lost such a significant part of myself in such a short amount of time.

Henry - Denver, Colorado
April 21, 2007
I joined Facebook two weeks ago and reconnected with a long lost friend that I first met while battling cancer at Hospital of Sick Children in 1986.

erin -
April 20, 2007
He took a girl home with him last night, but it's ok, I'm gonna go get real high and play with a puppy and play some put-put golf and it'll be great .

Joan-Carrol Banks - Portland, OR.
April 17, 2007
After work, I took my youngest son with me to audition for a commercial. They're looking for "real families." He still doesn't understand why we didn't get immediately hired on the spot, and was already plotting ways to spend his non-existent $1,500 (he wants a Wii).

lkj;lkj - here
April 15, 2007
Every time I ask for a day off or call into work, I'm afraid they're going to fire me. I feel completely unqualified for every job I've ever worked.

Elle - Texarkana
April 9, 2007
I looked up miscarriage today. It sounds awful but I'm glad I had one. This is not the place or time for me to bring a child into this cold and empty world, but at least i'm mature enough to admit it.

Reilly - Chicago
April 5, 2007
I got hit by a car riding my bike to work. I was amped up and in shock for most of the day. The next day I would regret refusing medical help.

allana - ottawa
March 26, 2007
My friend died today, in some crazy truck accident in Kenya. She just wanted to see the elephants.

Jeffrey Judson Smith - Los Angeles
March 22, 2007
So I have this gout thing and my foot is swollen up to the ankle so I hobble around cleaning up the kitchen and my right eye just goes crazy like there is something in there and it's all red and swollen and there's this whitish blob that I can't get - it is stuck on like a leech - and as soon as it comes off there is great relief and I look at this blob and I think "Is this a worm?" Holy shit! so I throw it in the trash but my eye swells up even more and the surface of the eye around the optical parts is engorged like a blister and very sore. So I Google "eye worms" thinking "no such thing" but up comes "Loa Loa" which is a parasite condition where little whitish worms can be picked out of one's eye and it is accompanied by swollen extremities. What?!! I read on and am relieved that Loa Loa only occurs in parts of West Africa and thereabouts. About 3 AM I wake to visit the bathroom and I remember I had some sort of nacho thing for dinner and realize that while washing the dishes I must have splattered a blob of hot sauce soaked mozarella cheese straight into my eye! Anyhow, after rinsing with saline over several hours it is returning to normal.

erim - ca-co
March 11, 2007
Today I cried a total of 6 times for no reason at all. I think I just don't like it here. My friends aren't who I wish they were. The guy I like is wrong for me and I know it. I think I'm going home. Does that mean I was a failure at college? What am I doing!?!?!?!????

Alyssa - Manchester
March 6, 2007
While I was strolling down the beach in Acapulco, some drunk American frat boy living it up on spring break yelled to me, "Hey, sweetheart, come party with us, and bring your amiguita!" We silently turned around and walked in the other direction.

CG - Houston
March 5, 2007
I realized, that despite madly loving him, I had no desire to have sex. It's just icky.

suzi - ontario
March 3, 2007
I came back to read about the night I met my husband. I hid our memories here for me to find later. Now I pass the time writing love letters and making plans for an illicit affair with someone else.... and I don't feel bad.

cm - New York
March 2, 2007
Today I was sitting on a bench in this little square with my friend who came to visit for a couple of days. This lady was walking her dog and asked us if she could take a picture. We thought it was a little weird but said yes, thinking she was a photographer or something and sat there waiting. "No," she said, "I want to take a picture with your camera. This is a moment you need to remember." The picture is not that great, but I think it was right about the time that I started to fall in love.

Angus - Jacksonville, Florida
February 17, 2007
I kissed my best friend's wife. And she kissed me back. Why do I feel so guilty? And why don't I care?

S - Los Angeles
February 14, 2007
I met the love of my life.

erin - ca co
February 5, 2007
Today I found out that the guy I thought I knew is is a totally different person. Turns out he was sleeping with other girls while sleeping with me. And he made a video of one of my girlfriends piss drunk with guys grabbing her boobs and lifiting up her skirt. I have never been more disgusted in a person in my life. I don't understand how I judged someone soooo wrong. He has no idea that I know what dirtbag he is... I hope karma bites him in the ass.

Maggie - Toronto
February 1, 2007
This morning just before 7am I was walking to work. In a snowbank - as if it had just fallen out of someone's pocket - was a 2gb iPod. I looked around for the owner but the street was deserted. I figure that if I don't see a sign posted about the loss within the next week, it's mine.

erin - ca-co
January 29, 2007
After three months of not speaking to me he had the balls to ask where I had slept the night before. Who does that?!? I told him "my room, why?" He then went on to feel silly for his assumption that I had slept with his roomie. Where he came up with that I don't know, but it pisses me off that he chose to break our not speaking period to ask me that. After such a jealous question he then went on to say he couldn't be friends with me right now. WTF??!!? I have been told by many he still cares for me so why can we not freaking talk? Ahhhh!! I hate that I still like him, and I hate it more that he has so much control over the situation.

Trice - Toronto, ON - Canada
January 28, 2007
Today my twin brother was hit in a drunk driver. We were walking side by side crossing a street. I wish I could of stopped it. I wish it was me, and not him.

Guert - Mountain View, CA
January 25, 2007
Today I bought a donkey farm. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all these donkeys.

Stratos - Ringkøbing
January 19, 2007
I sometimes can't stand living in Denmark. Why we moved to the west coast of Jutland is beyond me. I am in the middle of fucking nowhere, don't have the language, and find it all so boring. I miss home so much, but for the sake of my wife and kids I'll stick it out. But I am not alone in feeling alone here. I gaze out my apartment window everyday around noon to see a Somali immigrant woman wearing a burkha trudging down the street. At least I look like I fit in. She must feel 100 times worse than me.

Sara - here
January 14, 2007
I tricked a guy I know into driving half an hour in the rain to bring me a movie, only for me to meet him in the street, wave, take the movie, and run.

Harrison - West Point
January 8, 2007
I was pressured into burying a time capsule, but I don't want to dig it up next year. I think it will just make me sad

lisa - illinois
January 5, 2007
I'm doing it. I'm going to meet the coach tomorrow night. I planned it while my husband was sleeping next to me. Will I bail? I hope I do, because it could ruin my family. What the hell am I thinking?

Lindsay - Oxford
December 9, 2006
What happens when you know you will leave the best thing that has ever happened to you? If this were a scene in a film, I want to know what the theme song would sound like. I think it'd be terribly beautiful.

erin - ca-co
December 8, 2006
I went to a concert last night a was really looking forward to rolling on E... I rolled for all of ten minutes and then got in the worst mood of all time. I didn't realize one could have such a bad trip on the happy drug. I proceeded to go home and feel emotionally shitty and all i wanted was my best comfort friend. And what did he do? He confessed his feelings for me like everyone has been saying he would since i first met him. I never believed them until he said how he felt. I said U R my friend, he said he understood. I spent half the night wondering what he would be like in bed and the other half reminding myself that i am not romantically interested.

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