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James Anderson - Reno, Nevada
December 5, 2006
Today I reached 365 days. I've been high for an entire year. It went kinda slow. I think I'll get high for another.

Candice - Canada/Australia
November 27, 2006
I found out tonight through a third party that the boy I am hopelessly in love with is fucking one of my best friends. Well, maybe, or just hanging out with her doing all those thing I should be doing. The only regret I have coming overseas is that I gave up a potentially awesome relationship. My friends keep saying that he isn't worth it if he is willing to run off and get in to her pants the moment I leave the country. But FUCK... I love him... my heart is broken... And, now I've lost one of my best friends. How could they do this to me? I hurt so fucking much... Eight clonazepam and several glasses of booze later, nothing has changed. I am just... broken.

jeenyus76 - Cranbury
November 23, 2006
Ryan changed Thanksgiving forever.
Ryan changed my life for the better.
Never again will I cry on turkey day.
Never again will i feel alone in any way.
On this day he asked to be my partner in life.
On this day he took the first step to making me his wife.
I'd lost my faith in the goodness of most men.
Ryan made me realize that he wasn't like the rest of them.
Together we'll tackle the world with gusto.
We'll take everything with a grain of salt and laugh out loud like Michael Musto.
Together, we three (Ryan, the boy, and me) plus two cats, two turtles, and wandering friends are in this for the long run.
We are in this till the end.
Let this be a lesson to all who've been hurt.
Don't stop looking and you will get your just dessert.

anonymous - anonymous
November 20, 2006
Six months ago, I landed myself in detox for alcohol addiction... today, I am close to being in that place again. I am a 23 year old alcoholic and I won't survive to see 25 without a radical change in my life. Three weeks from today, I am headed overseas to volunteer for a humanitarian organization. For three months, I will be without electricity, sex, meat, nonconservative clothing, and alcohol. As terrifying as the unknown is, I will go to Vanuatu because I don't know what else to do anymore. If all goes as planned, I may help some of the Ni-Van people... and save myself.

Alyssa - Manchester
November 15, 2006
I saw a hearse with the license plate "DEATH" today.

bear - vancouver
November 9, 2006
The Belgian painter Luc Tuymans stood right beside me. I'm still dazzled.

erin - ca-co
November 8, 2006
I spent all day anticipating seeing him, I got dressed up and turned 18 only to get drunk, cry, and puke in a dorm bathroom stall in between sobs. i hate birthdays.

DJ Spencer - vancouver,BC
October 31, 2006
After just having had major surgery I’m laying in my hospital bed with 26 metal staples halfway up my back and my guts are being held together by another dozen. I remember the words once sung by Jonny Hetherington “If I can get through this I can get through anything” and it opens up so many gateways of hope that in my mind I begin to feel no pain. And that’s how Art Of Dying saved my life.

ky - california
October 23, 2006
I was kissed by a boy who I didn't think I could have kissed. He has a girlfriend who lives in a different state then us. I thought he made a mistake and I tried to push him away. He has now officially been cheating on his girlfriend with me for a month and a half. I am falling for him and his girlfriend has no idea. I feel awful and he is pushing me away but won't actually let me go.

Kimberly - North Pole, Alaska
October 18, 2006
I flew from my hometown of Denver, CO and into my new home of North Pole, Alaska. I was awarded full residential custody of my three children while in Denver on a brief visit. I love my kids enough to bring them to a new way of living, even if that means -40 degree weather and bugs like you have never seen before. It's worth it to be with my husband, helping support his business, and being able to own rather than rent. I love Alaska. The state has it's own time zone.

jayci - richmond
October 17, 2006
i don't want to have sex with my boyfriend of two years. He turns me off. I want to be with my crush of six years instead.

SN - Honolulu, HI
October 9, 2006
I've been reading this site for the past few years, looking at the train wreck that makes up the lives of others from the sidelines. Strangely, I find myself submitting an entry today, as my life seems to have become a bit of a train wreck. I'm reluctantly divorced, diseased (from my ex-wife), and I recently quit my job (it was a quit or get fired situation). I had thought that my worst years were in my late teens and twenties, but at 31 I am terrified more than ever of what the future has in store.

Jeffrey Judson Smith - Petoskey, MI
October 4, 2006
Today I sat in a pub and drank a few beers. I was telling a woman about how it is important to be talking to your kids (yes, even pre-school kids) about how you are imperfect and why. She was argumentative. Seems like people want to persist in the great pretense of perfection and then force their kids to live up to it. Gee, how did the suicide rate get so high?

Maggie - Toronto
September 27, 2006
My family got an email last night from my uncle. My aunt who has inoperable cancer has taken a turn for the worse and they don't know if she's going to make it to Thanksgiving. She's my favourite aunt, it's so fucking unfair. I wish I had a magic wand.

Laura - Louisville, KY
September 18, 2006
I spent the morning with Lynne Cheney and about fifty children in the 5th grade. We were celebrating National Constitution Day. It's National Constitution Day - who knew?

MG - Los Angeles
September 7, 2006
I went out to a bar to celebrate my friend's 21st birthday. She brought all of her friends: one was sarcastic, one was a wallflower, one showed no manners when I drove her home. However, I bonded with the girl who had the rough past due to drug addiction and foster homes. She seemed to have a good head on her shoulders and a sense of humor. She was the most interesting person I met.

Ginger - Cooptown, Cali
September 5, 2006
I came home after three days at a wedding, had a fight with my mom over the lack of direction in my life, packed up my essentials (namely my laptop, drawing supplies, toiletries) and left. It was pain and relief all at once... pain for leaving the way I did, but relief knowing I could go anywhere I wanted and no one could stop me.

Jeffrey Judson Smith - Los Angeles
September 1, 2006
Today I woke to a shadow, a blind spot in my left eye, down to the right. I went to the eye doctor and was rushed into surgery for a detached retina. They froze a couple weak spots from the outside and injected an F3H8 gas bubble directly into my eye. I have been told not to fly with this bubble. I can still feel the needle pulling out.

Lady Grey - Claremont
August 22, 2006
I have sent eight emails to a friend that lives on the other side of the world, and have yet to get a response. He has fallen into a deep depression, and I have been refreshing my Inbox for days now waiting for that return note. His phone is off; his only signs of life are posts on his favourite forum. And he puts it there, in between the lines of code, how he needs help, and yet no one seems to notice.

August 19, 2006
THIS night I sang "BORN TO DIE" with one of my favorite punk bands... Awesome... a moment I will never forget.

PK - Cornwall
August 13, 2006
I was getting my daughter's ears pierced, when the cell rang. It was my uncle. My aunt died. My wedding was in 6 days and she wouldn't be there. I felt cheated, she was SUPPOSED to be there.

Girl Speak Weekly--entry 2 - Chicago
August 10, 2006
Today Suzie made Allie cry. She kept pressuring her for something that was out of Allie's control. Suzie apologized with her fingers crossed behind her back... No, but seriously, Jeff Harris, you have inspired one of the girls in the class, Elizabeth, to document every day of her last year in high school with her camera. Pretty cool, eh? You should have a book says Suzie (with an 'ie'). More later, gotta' go. Peace Out from Girl Speak 2006.

myla - minneapolis
August 7, 2006
I found out today that my grandfather has colon cancer. He has to start chemotherapy immediately as it has already spread to his liver. My grandfather, a retired doctor, was pretty down upon hearing this news. He said that chemo is a dance with death. I want to cry, but I'm at work.

Marisa - Pemberton
August 4, 2006
After weeks of harassment from my boss, a failed EKG, a few Mental Health Doctor appointments, I went to a cardiologist to find out what the heavy chest, pounding heartbeat, blurry vision and dizzy feelings were from. The Doctor set me up for a Holter monitor, a battery of tests and nitro pills. They suspect damage to my heart from a large amount of stress. My boss isn't worth it, my job isn't worth it, and fixing a customer computer isn't worth it. My daughter IS worth it! I don't want to die.

Jennifer - Toronto
August 1, 2006
I'm not usually a hand shaker when I meet people, but for some reason, I decide I want to shake this guy's hand that I'm being introduced to. I can sense his resistance (he's avoiding eye contact), so I firmly present my hand with a smile on my face and see him sigh and grudgingly extend his... stump. So I shook it.

sTacY - Bellevue, Washington
July 29, 2006
My boyfriend turned 35 today. He is old now! I hope he doesn't start wearing khakis with golf shirts tucked-in, and start parting his hair on the side. I will be so disappointed.

Candice -
July 24, 2006
We could be together if I stayed... maybe. Or maybe I would just be wasting the best years of my life with a man who doesn't melt into a pool of total infatuation when he's around me, like I do when I am around him. I can't take the chance. I am leaving. So much for my April 14th journal entry. Damnit.

jeff harris - littlehampton england
July 23, 2006
My wife left me last month and I have been so down. Today I was so out of order to her and used my son as a pawn. I was also awful to her mother. I am not going to wallow in resentment because I had forgotten that her mother's husband has only a month or so left. He has cancer. So that puts it all into perspective. He says he is grateful for the good things he has experienced but recognizes that the bad times were just as important otherwise he would not have known how good the good times were. "Illegitumus el carborundum"

pam - vancouver
July 22, 2006
My mom and brother died three years ago and my dad got married again six months after their death. He wanted a son... I am a 19 year old girl. Today he told me to move out because his wife has problems with me.

q - q
July 21, 2006
Why does everyone with good looking friends plaster photos of themselves all over the internet? It makes me wish my friends were as photogenic as the scene-whores.

Girl Speak Weekly - Chicago
July 13, 2006
Yo What Up. This is Girl Speak... you heard? Today we talked about our dreams and fears. We are mostly worried about the future and dying. We took polaroids, studied photographers from around the globe and Jeff Harris, you are one of them. Thank you for making your work and allowing this dialogue to exist. We would invite you to our class but unfortunately, you are a boy.

m - m
July 7, 2006
I went to a pirate party today and it was amazing. Yo ho ho.

EK - Cincinnati
July 1, 2006
I fell in love with my girlfriend's best-friend today. My girlfriend also happens to be out of the country. I hate cliches, and I hate this situation.

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