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lisa - illinois
June 22, 2006
I wish I loved my husband as much as he loves me. That would be so cool. He's such a good guy I don't know what my problem is.

Mineh Kamau Bushby - Nairobi
June 21, 2006
I have been on the computer all day. I am looking for a post regarding the negligence at St. Michael University School, Victoria. I had put a post on the Daily Nation website but now I can not find it. What a site, it does not have a proper working search button. Crazy I say. It is 9:14pm my time. 914 was my student number in Karima Girls High School. We wore red, white and green. We were black. We held a shield like that on the flag of Kenya.

KA - Washington dc
June 19, 2006
I just found out I have cancer. My husband is out of town, and I have never felt more alone, I don't even know how to tell him, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkk.

nick -
June 6, 2006
I've been stoned for 11 days now.

suzi - ontario
June 5, 2006
We're postponing the church wedding, again. To be quite honest, I don't think we'll ever get married in the church - and that's fine by me because part of me thinks this could end. He's let himself go, and it's not fair. I have to be sexy and he gets to gain weight?! I dont think so.

E - Columbus
May 31, 2006
I wondered today how long it will be before I am as clinically insane as my crazy neighbor, Rick. Something tells me not too much longer...

Jared - Kingston
May 25, 2006
I sat on a bench underneath a garden of lilac bushes and tried to feed a chick-a-dee out of the palm of my hand. It was scared of me so I threw the food on the ground.

Janice - Aurora, ON
May 15, 2006
I just made plans to go on a road trip to Ottawa with my friend Jackie for this Wednesday. She needs to meet a professor to hopefully change a mark and keep her scholarship for next year. I'm not doing anything else so I thought I'd keep her company.

Cecilia - East Hanover
May 14, 2006
“I have the propensity to meet fascinating strangers on planes”... what a great line... well it’s true. I met a fascinating woman on my way to Boston. Our flight was delayed four hours and we just started to talk. It was almost as if I had known her my entire life! Her name is Audrey and she is on an adventure. Apparently she has made a life choice to travel, oh how I envy her. I wish her the very best and I told her to enjoy every single moment. She is on her way to the U.K. and will definitely have a lovely time backpacking through the countryside of England. Have a bloody good time Audrey! Wish I was there with you! You are such a great and awe-inspiring soul.

Sherry - castlegar
May 2, 2006
I'm anticipating a visit from the daughter I gave up for adoption 19 years ago. I wish every one could feel the joy that I do.

Alyssa - Manchester
April 28, 2006
A pit bull killed a boxer in Norma's driveway today and got blood all over my car. It was quite traumatic.

Natalie - Guelph
April 20, 2006
If one person wishes me a happy 4/20, I refuse to dignify their comment with a response. They don't know how happy April 20th really is... it's the day I've decided to stop listening to the 'sensible' people in my life and move to Hawaii.

Ginger - Cooptown, Cali
April 19, 2006
In exactly two months, I will have been out of college for a year. All my friends have "real" jobs with "real" salaries and I'm teaching English and Art part time at an afterschool daycare, half-assing my other part time job as reluctant unpaid caretaker of my dad's lamp business, and living at home. I'm so depressed over my situation, and so angry at myself, but too scared to take the next step in existence. My portfolio will never be good enough; it has become my excuse for not living the dream I have always dreamed of living.

Candice - Canada
April 14, 2006
Yesterday a boy I met in a bar called me to say "I am hungover and I can't get off my couch, but I am calling you because you said if I didn't call you today, I didn't have a chance!" Tonight we went on our first date. After 20 minutes of being with him, I knew that this is the one I will marry some day.

Bruce - Atlanta
April 5, 2006
I watched a man die today. It was peaceful and there was nothing that could be done, but i can't help feeling a little jaded that this was just another day at work for me while being the most horrible day for the many that loved him.

anonymous - San Francisco
April 4, 2006
Yesterday my boyfriend's sister called and asked if we were engaged, she said she heard it from her dad. I thought she had accidentally spilled the beans so I kept quiet, thinking my boyfriend was going to propose soon. Today I found out it's not true. it was just a rumour.

Nicholas Arsenault - Punta Ballena, Uruguay
April 2, 2006
I almost died -- imagine that. We flew off a 25 foot cliff in my car. We were on our way to a canyon hiking trip in the Canyonlands of Utah. We avoided a rabbit and found ourselves hurling through the air. Not a scratch. Not even a post accident drink to take the edge off. We were in a dry county.

lisa - illinois
March 25, 2006
I want to sleep with my son's coach. Everything about him is dreamy and I think he feels the same about me. I won't do it because it would really mess things up for my son and the coach, but it sure would be nice. I wonder if it would hurt if I kissed him?

Dave Corbin - Bensalem, PA
March 24, 2006
I came across a "Don't Wake Daddy" boardgame at a yard sale, and began to weep. The merchant stared at me unphased. "Five dollars." she said coldly. The last time I had played this game, I had woken up my real daddy with how loud me and my friend were that one sleepover. He had work at 5:30am.

Cindy - Ottawa
March 21, 2006
I still have whiplash from a bad fall snowboarding...

Jeffrey Harris - San Diego
March 16, 2006
I woke up to a phone call from Golds' Gym. I didn't like the way Mr Strickland the general manager was speaking to me, so I cut the conversation short. Then I googled my name.

Cecilia - East Hanover
March 13, 2006
I am on at work and I get this call from this total stranger who dialed my phone extension looking for a job. I told her I didn't do HR and I could trasnfer her over to them. She insisted on asking me questions on what I did. I told her again if she'd like I could transfer her to either HR or my manager, it was her choice... After a couple of seconds of her explaining herself I just hit the transfer button and patched it to the operator. Here is my dilemma: WHY DID I STAY ON THE PHONE WITH HER SO LONG??? Sometimes I wonder about myself... either I am just too damn nosey or I don't care how my time is spent.

Mike - Beaver Falls
March 6, 2006
Today I did a Google search for a friend of mines web site. He is running for office in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. I found this site obviously, just not the Jeff Harris I was looking for. Elect Jeff Harris 2006!

Ellie - London, UK.
March 3, 2006
I found out that I got into the BRIT School of Performing Arts, I was 14 and I'd wanted to be an actor as long as I could remember. Getting into this school completely changed my life.

anonymous - canada
February 28, 2006
Last week, on Spring Break, I had sex with a random guy. Is it still cheating when I was too drunk to know if I was completely blacked out or just passed out? I hate myself at this moment more than I ever have. Whether it was consensual or not is irrelevant. Either I was raped, or I cheated on the one I love. I am not sure what would hurt more.

Heather - Chicago, IL
February 20, 2006
I was on the commuter rail the other day, and the conductor was walking by and saw my knee brace. He asked what happened, and I told him how I fell and broke my kneecap. He said, "You know it amazes me how easy it is to break a kneecap. All you need to do is hit it just so, you know -- right along here (showing me the side of his leg) -- and then pop...the guy can't walk." Then he smiled and took my ticket.

Disco Don - Bahamas
February 16, 2006
Is it acceptable not to wear underwear to your own wedding?! I didn't, and of course one minute before I was to go down the beach, I dribbled water on my crotch and looked like I wet myself... "I love you dear, sorry I am incontinent!" Fortunately it was a quick blast with the hairdryer and I was pee free.

suzi - ontario
February 15, 2006
He tried to take me out for dinner last night. I don't like going out for Valentine's day. Every restaurant he attempted to take me to had a two hour wait. Hasn't he ever heard of reservations? I tried to be nice and patient, but I asked him to never do it again, and if he did, to plan ahead. We ended up having fish and chips from the drive thru on the way home... and all I could think about was how much I miss dating older men.

Jennifer Eccles -
February 14, 2006
The last time we kissed. Freezing cold February night, full of stars and our breath in the air where the right words weren't. I didn't want you to leave. Or rather, I didn't want you to let me leave.

allison - keene
February 7, 2006
I was wrong in thinking I had until May, when my lease runs out, to figure out what I want to do in terms of my living situation. I live with my abusive ex. I don't have the money to leave... but I don't want to feel like a battered house wife, and I've got too many bruises to stay...

Diane - Aberdeenshire, Scotland
January 28, 2006
I took a home pregnancy test... I wasn't even late yet, but I knew something was different. It came up positive after three minutes!! Yippee!! 13 months of trying, and we just got referred to the fertility clinic ... I can't believe it! If all goes well, our due date is October 11th!

Nala - Guelph, ON
January 27, 2006
I'm not sure why I keep falling for people who live far away. I am great at long distance relationships... it seems as if they have the same area code as me, it will never work out.

mike - belmar, new jersey
January 26, 2006
I'm an unemployed union plumber, still waiting for work. i drove to the store then purchased a 12 pack of beer and enjoyed the rest of my day.

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